13 lines of new China, guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-04
In 13 line the streets of the new building is 13 lines of bibcock, north connects shangxiajiu road pedestrian street, the south is the pearl river causeway. The building foundation in July 1996, until the end of 1998 the official opening, floor 48 floors, covers an area of 9401 square meters, building 162 meters high. A total construction area of 150000 square meters, of which 43 floor, 5 floor underground, negative three to five layers for the large parking lot. New China after yi in the property management company cooperate with guangzhou municipal government work, gradually formed one of the leading domestic clothing wholesale market, attracted many domestic clothing stores, including many businesses, such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the clothing wholesale market to flourish again. The shops and gradually developed into the surrounding streets, formed a prosperous clothing wholesale business. Guangzhou clothing wholesale city, 13 on the new China and prosperity of today's new China become one of the valuable commercial building in guangzhou. Guangzhou 13 lines of the new building is famous in guangzhou 13 lines of clothing wholesale market in the business circle of a clothing wholesale market, mainly for women's clothing, the whole a building archives mouths are basically do women's clothing, although there will be some bags, shoes wholesale, but not much. 1 - in new China 3 / f, 1 - With magazine for 3rd floor of the goods is given priority to, style, Japan and South Korea, sweet, recreational, everyone according to your own position to tao! Archives mouths are relatively small, about 3 square meters or so, narrow corridor, corridor about one meter five or so, every day is very crowded, which opened at half past six, stall owner is to have the goods stuffed in the doorway, myself standing inside, outside one or two little sister, buckle rent 3 - 1-50000 3 / f people more special! Above is on the fourth floor office building, fourth floor above the archives mouths much larger than the first floor, the whole goods are better than 1 - upstairs 3 / f goods is much better. 5 if the original poster do woollen goods wholesale, on the fourth floor are basically render the entire four or five floor, sweater and so on, six to 13 floor are doing fashion women's clothing, the sixth floor of clothing is the essence of building new China, more than six floors above clothing belongs to the mid-range clothing supplies, many European, Korean clothing series. New China seems to have ten to inside layers of clothes is, the farther it, the more expensive goods, the better the quality, high-grade upstairs, goods price is higher, if for intermediate goods owner, you can go to the market and have a look inside, go to the mid-range market with the words, very good. Bus line: 4, 7, 16 night, night night, 26, 31 night road, 31 road, 38, 61 road, 102 road, 103 road, 106 road, 110 road, 128 road, 134 road, 186 road, 209 road, 217 road, 556 road, the people of south road station on foot.
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