According to the different regional consumption type clothing positioning

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-21
Different regions have different consumer groups, and we can't do not suitable for these types of various garments, must be suitable to drive performance, so we should how to distinguish? If you want to guess sometimes is to distinguish one is not good, so some sort a copy of this information, the following Shared with everybody, hope to have a little help. Old residents living quarters boutique business generally is not good, if you are entering the line and the open of the house of a single ladies' fashion, if you're considering plate under this kind of stores do fashion shop, you have to think about whether he had an advantage. Do cheap foreign trade shop is good choice, but note that sell very cheap foreign goods store, most of them are have a lot of branch chain, so as to achieve scale effect, low cost of purchasing so stock must be considered when price advantage. New residential occupancy rate is higher, the sentiment has been formed, usually this kind of community of young people is more, most of the white-collar office worker. Other surrounding environment is very important also, next to me is a coffee shop and the cake shop, there are supermarkets, beauty salons. In short is a thick life breath, this area is suitable for open a fashion women's clothing store. Decorate to service must have affinity, moderate price, the key is goods quality is better to do repeat business. Premium office usually this rent is expensive, the appearance of the street where you can consider to do inside the office building, the premise is office building occupancy rate is high. This place purely for old customers of the business, because the customer group is very concentrated, so selling single piece has distinguishing feature of clothes is better not bump unlined upper garment. Customer retention is high, the quality requirements of high sensitivity to price is low, the downside is that abortion is small, can only do the business of VIP, so you can't have too much inventory, timely into the new stock is very important. The backing of the bustling downtown if you have enough money, can do, the business can certainly, but relatively storefront rent is very high, you should assess whether you can make up for the rent. Based on my experience, if you want to find a facade, this kind of area place must not be big, small, 10 square meters would be sufficient, shop small relative shop goods also convenient, easy to traction. Buyers are usually full of this area, where many whither, 10 square meters shop business good, than the big store isn't necessarily bad.
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