Accurately pick masks to break through layers of 'haze' v

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-13
At the end of 2013, a rare fog haze covered much of the country 25 provinces, more than 100 cities. As more and more frequent appearance of qiu dong season, the fog warning the public environmental awareness, not only led to a more universal well-being self-defence movement. Faced with such PM2. Five plus PM10 combination 'mix build', your masks the right? Sold on market at present, the masks are a diverse group, function of indeterminacy of dispute, or as efficient filter function, or declared comfortable stick a face, or direct identification 'PM2. 5 special '. Consumer is in when choosing goods, often unable to agree, all able to N95 respirator spend big price to purchase to filter the low power, low protection function and masks. To this, 3 m expert gives a proposition: 'choose masks, need to think from three aspects: protection function, closely fitted and comfortable sex. The PM2 in the air. 5 suspended particles, such as extremely subtle, non-professional respirators cannot be useful filter these tiny particles. Together, if the mask with the face or useful, will also cause failure. And to reduce the long-term wearing a mask of discomfort, masks comfortable, breathable and are extremely important, it's about to wear masks mass tolerance and wear time. 'An excellent respirators should be isolated from PM2. 5 the function of the fine particulates such as activated carbon masks. General masks and one-time non-woven mask on dust, a large particles can block effect to a certain extent, but about the fog haze, PM2. 5 or bacteria, viruses and other organisms particles of protection is not satisfied. Around in the air quality index has extraordinary circumstances, general masks foundation is unable to play a protective effect. Stop for the beautiful veil purchasing colourful masks, they can't maintain your breathing in ankang. In addition, masks and sex on the haze, is also extremely important. Consumers face mask when the choose and buy should go through try examining the mask with the face seal degree. General cloth mask is made more plane planning, unable to face, fine particles can easily penetrate from the cloth mesh, or from the masks and touch the parts of the face is not leak into the closed. Pay attention to oh! Some defect mask and the filtering material is not cover all the masks and breathing zone, harmful particles can easily enter the breathing zone. If purchasing is this mask, rather than real play a protective effect, also can make the person fault criterion, thought it was safe, but completely in environmental pollution. On most buyers are not willing to choose the professional respirator is the important cause of its wear resistance caused by breathing discomfort after. Originally we want to understand what's the purpose of the wearing masks, protective is the first! ! Good respirator wear up very comfortable also. 3 m respirators, for example, make interior space increases, the cup type planning to ensure comfortable feeling. Combined with 3 m common cold flow valve, can further reduce the user out of heat and moisture accumulation within the masks, exhale drop resistance, supply wear comfortable sex, suitable for hot and humid environment for long time wearing masks.
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