Activated carbon masks role

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-16
Activated carbon masks: 1: antivirus, deodorant, filter bacteria, dust etc. 2: especially suitable for containing organic gas, acidic volatiles, such as pesticides, SO2, Cl2 excited gas, gas, deodorant effect is remarkable. 3: can effectively prevent normal masks do not play a role of 5 mu; M below the flyash and transmitted by respiratory many kinds of diseases and is the medical enterprise, chemical enterprise, spraying workshop, leather industry, an ideal protective equipment and sanitation unit. 4: activated carbon masks can effectively block the benzene in the air, the harmful gas such as ammonia, formaldehyde, bad breath, stench, safeguard human health, than the average common masks have stronger and adsorption. The filtering effects of harmful gases, liquids is 30 times the normal mask. Within 5: masks really loaded activated carbon steel fiber filter, can effectively intercept harmful substances in polluting the environment, improve the quality of and absorption. At the same time mask breathing Yin force is very small. With the protection of the activated carbon layer, use at ease. 6: with unique appearance design, can be bent nose clip, guarantee mask and face to get the best seal. But fold, easy to save, light weight, convenient to carry. 7: economic and durable, reusable, and health.
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