Adult Elvis Costume

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-07
The King is here to stay! One of the most recognizable costumes for a costume party or Halloween party is the King of Rock n' Roll's Adult Elvis Costume. In the 50s Elvis Presley began causing people to shake rattle and roll. Everyone had the Elvis fever all over the world. Kids of today still like to dress up like him since it's one of the coolest people to dress up as. Elvis Presley definitely had a style all his own. His original suit which he wore in 1957 was made of gold lame. After he wore it for a performance, fans wanted to get their hands on one just like it. This same gold satin suit is a costume for Halloween which comes with a matching jacket and pants. The Adult Elvis Costume has gold trim with sequins on the collar, sleeves and coat pockets. On the side of the pants there are matching stripes and sequins. One of his most famous outfits is the Elvis White Jumpsuit from his 1973 concert 'Aloha From Hawaii.' It pretty much looks authentic with a turned out collar, bell bottoms with pant leg insets that match the red scarf. It was designed to dazzle the fans with the detailing in red, blue and gold featured with a star-spangled eagle beaded and embroidered applique on the front, star embellishments on the sleeves and a front zipper. The Adult Elvis Costume normally comes with a very wide belt and buckle that has four American eagle emblems with dangling gold pocket chains that hang from the hip. Women even love dressing like the King so they can feel like a King or Queen for the day. The sexy Elvis Costume For Women is usually found in a white or black jumpsuit with gold trim. An addition to their costume is a gold capelet and gold scarf. When people go trick or treating, they sometimes want to bring their dog along. There are Elvis Dog Costumes that would match with the Adult Elvis Costume to dress alike. The Elvis Dog Halloween Costumes are usually a white Elvis cape with an oversized collar and rhinestones. Adult Elvis Costumes will always remain one of the favorites at parties and for Halloween to get all shook up in!
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