After the Spring Festival clothing store stock rhythm control

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-27
After the Spring Festival when they began to enter into the work of the New Year, clothing store natural also want to start my business, at the beginning of the new such as whether to need to replenish onr's stock? If first case if the goods are sold to about the same, it must be to fill part for supplement, especially in colder places, or can be considered in some spring clothes to sell, if like coastal is about to begin a hot place, stock may be a good plan now. Although said he'd planned to replenish onr's stock, but also need not worry special stock can not sell out to do these things, a lot of people think that their city now the weather is very cold, replenish onr's stock is not appropriate, but in recent years the weather change is very big, in some areas can be in 3 days time, the temperature rising rapidly for more than 10 degrees. If the temperature rises, it will be difficult to fill to start spring clothing products in 3 days, order, distribution, shipping, transport, the arrival of a series of processes. So said at the time of purchase should purchase in advance, if you this also afraid that also fear may also be missing after another wave of sales peak. Do more need to pay attention to the clothing wholesale clothing business, don't depend on their individual ideas and to decide the number of replenish onr's stock, etc. Much more attention to think, the accumulation of experience, will find their own way, garment industry change is very fast, so to adjust to the idea. Spring clothing sales will be relatively large, so to understand open clothing store wholesale practical intelligence, be sure to prepare enough goods, if a garment is very popular, so you can go into some in, but be sure to control the number of wholesale, if the number is too large, then open a clothing store goods backlog problem, or to lose yourself. Although said after the Spring Festival, some people may feel the holiday may be a season, because of the spring clothing and autumn outfit highly overlapping, everyone bought, buy autumn should in fact this is not necessarily, maybe valentine's pockets bulging, because of what clothes to wear, when there are some good clothes must not be missed, but that may be distinct different areas may, for example some people before they could hurry to buy clothes, first home after back to work and have to prepare some nice clothes for yourself, so oneself also would have to work.
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