Allergic rhinitis is unfavorable use non-woven mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-19
Wearing a mask can put up a 'firewall' between the human body and the outside world, patients with allergic rhinitis gauze mask wear masks had better wear ordinary gauze mask. Mask has certain filtering effect to the air into the lungs, the dust in the air, sensitization material also has certain barrier function. But made of non-woven mask may also contain certain chemicals, stimulate the respiratory tract, for patients with allergic rhinitis itself, but also a allergens, easy to stimulate the nasal cavity, aggravate symptoms. Tools/raw material disposable masks myth disposable masks are made of non-woven fabric, its main raw materials is polypropylene non-woven masks. Only thin layers of the mask, but the air permeability is poor, not only hindered the fresh air to enter, easy to cause lack of oxygen, coupled with the nasal mucosa itself resistance decreased, but also can make the breath can't freely give masks, the foul gas suction repeatedly, lead to respiratory infections. Disposable masks poor permeability, wear longer inside will be full of water vapor in this wet, warm environment, is advantageous to the bacteria breeding in masks. This mask not only can't block pathogenic bacteria, but will send bacteria entry ', causing respiratory infections. Considerations for patients with allergic rhinitis wear masks had better wear ordinary gauze mask. Gauze mask has good air permeability, water imbibition is strong, easy to maintain the characteristics of dry, clean, put on the nose and mouth soft, comfortable, and can protect mouth and nose, the function of filtering germs and sensitization material. Gauze masks out every time after use, however, came back to clean once, otherwise be out of dust, bacteria can also be drawn into the body, does the effect of protection.
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