Analytical fast fashion clothing suppliers and slow fashion characteristics and differences

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-20
What is the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion? Fashion to & other; Fast, hard, accurate & throughout; As the main characteristics of fast fashion brand grew rapidly and drive the global fashion trends. Slow fashion clothing biggest characteristic is unique, each clothes are & other Only one, unique & throughout; 。 The advantage of fast fashion and slow fashion characteristics all have? In this paper, clothing contract small make up take you to get to know you'll understand. A, clothing suppliers & ndash; The advantage of fast fashion and slow fashion features slow fashion with the mature of people's consumption idea and the global economic recession, slow fashion in the busy city quietly rising. Slow fashion apparel pursuit is beyond season, beyond time, lasting and classical, distinctive as the main characteristics. Since & other; Lasting and durable & throughout; Is synonymous with slow fashion, and its production process with fast fashion has the very big difference. Among them, the private custom is a kind of typical & other; Slow fashion & throughout; , its biggest advantage is unique, and should not be bounded by tide, high-grade fabrics, do manual work is delicate. On price, although slow fashion clothing is much higher than fast fashion dress, but it can go beyond season, even across a few quarters, it still however, remains the elegant style. Obviously, slow fashion consumers more thinking about the long-term value of goods, rather than short-term effectiveness. This slow fashion has radiation to other areas of life, such as digital products, electrical appliances, household, etc. Fast fashion unavoidably bring manufactured, parity, trendy digital products obviously is a great temptation, but the quality of security concern. Many times, after buying will soon appear a variety of problems, for example, digital camera, hundreds of yuan price obviously cheaper, but it is also very short, could the soon will be eliminated, so caused a lot of unnecessary waste. Nowadays, people begin to advocate rational consumption, than to act to purchase a large amount of utilization rate is not high, less consumption of goods an enduring, instead more can improve the quality of life. Second, the clothing contract & ndash; What is the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion parity, leisure, fashion, style more novel fast & other; Fast fashion & throughout; Beginning, classic, nostalgia and lasting vitality & other; Slow fashion & throughout; The concept is also doing well. China's fashionable personage initially from Spain Mango taste & other; Fast fashion & throughout; ( 快时尚) Charm, that is a kind of parity, leisure, fashion, design is more novel fast, is produced in the dazzling & other; Do not do much to make up my mind to purchase & throughout; The impulse stimulation. Later, another H& from Zara of Spain, Sweden, ; M, British C& ; A way into the Chinese fashion market in succession, & other; Fast fashion & throughout; The trend to boiling. However, in the & other; Fast fashion & throughout; Flawed, in global resources nervous, environmentalists and people treat luxury mentality under the background of increasingly mature, has spawned & other; Slow fashion & throughout; ( 慢时尚) The trend of the concept. How much it with the introspection of fashionable personage mentality, clothing feel guilty for piles of fast food type, to the pursuit of classical, nostalgic, long life, but also picky dress whether the raw materials of environmental protection, durable, because & other; Slow fashion & throughout; Suitors after enjoy buckish, suddenly turned into responsible attitude towards the earth, ecology, humanity. In their view, the appearance of clothing to beauty, and behind the clothes, should also be clean and refreshing.
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