And add a modern chongqing caiyuanba costume city mall new clothing

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-30
Chongqing now has developed into a relatively developed inland, a city, the commercial atmosphere is quite strong, clothing has its own school, here I am no longer around, and found a new place, that is the original coral underground shopping mall is built and a high-grade garment city, specializing in women's wear and denim and will build the city of the southwestern clothing wholesale electricity, after transforming the coral mall will be renamed, curious about new caiyuanba costume city, curious about the new garment city is a collection of brand exhibition, e-commerce and modern logistics as one of the modern new clothing store. Minus one specializing in fine ladies, negative second specializes in denim, the costume city have ranged from a dozen square meters to 40 to 50 square meters more than eight hundred shops, in business mainly include local brand clothing manufacturers and enterprises of chongqing, chongqing peripheral brand clothing manufacturers and operating businesses and clothing brands such as guangdong, zhejiang, wuhan community of manufacturers and merchants. At present chongqing clothing wholesale market, for many, but most of the traditional offline wholesale trading patterns. Caiyuanba clothing store has invested 1 million yuan synchronization to build an online mall. To demonstrate supplemented, retail stores, e-commerce is given priority to with online wholesale, promotion, and retail is complementary, and will set the modern logistics company, can be directly through the distribution center delivery. Offline online synchronous development is the future trend. Under the impact of electronic commerce, clothing market to e-business transformation is inevitable trend. This year many clothing enterprises have stepped up training courses on e-commerce, on the one hand is to adapt to the new marketing mode; On the other hand also can reduce costs, reduce turnover links. Relevant staff admitted that chongqing send dress association, caiyuanba garment city appearance, will bring pressure to local clothing trading market also bring the power, will accelerate chongqing traditional clothing market transition. And operator says will caiyuanba garment city into chongqing new modern professional market, this point fully explored and chongqing market. Is a high win caiyuanba underground mall, on the one hand, because of the mall location advantage and convenient transportation logistics; On the other hand is also out of chongqing clothing market go a long way, the company will be based on the caiyuanba curious new garment city, further layout children's wear, men's clothing and other professional markets.
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