AnFuAn the international cowboy town, foshan city, guangdong province

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-06
Rich Ann international cowboy city is located in known as 'cowboy city', 'clothing city' reputation of junan town, shunde district, foshan city, guangdong province, is the largest domestic cowboy cloth, accessories, clothing display and exchange platform, has been formally put into use. It is led by the government, the folk capital construction and investment nearly 1. 500 million yuan, covers an area of 230000 square meters. For three to six layers frame structure, the first layer for shops, more than for office on the second floor. In July 2002 piece goods, and accessories professional market comprehensive opening ( Rich Ann international cowboy city first period engineering) A total 250 rooms, commercial housing 350 sets, all the shops, and commercial housing rental out during construction. Was completed in 2003 and delivered cowboy city garment specialized market ( Rich Ann international cowboy city phase ii project) , a total of 150 shops, commercial housing 368 sets. Junan town solid cowboy textile clothing industry is based on the premise of creating rich Ann international cowboy city conditions. The town a total of 1 oo0 cowboy textile and apparel and related enterprises, the annual output of more than 8000 pieces of jeans garment, annual output value of more than 30, one hundred million yuan, annual production capacity of more than 5 billion yuan. Junan town advantageous geographical position and convenient traffic network to the development of the new rich Ann international cowboy city provides fertile soil. The town is located in the pearl river delta hinterland, north of guangzhou, adjacent to jiangmen, zhongshan in the south, transportation is extremely convenient. On December 24, 2012, guangdong institute in shunde junan jeans are listed, the institute is the first domestic research institute, specializes in denim apparel industry chain will provide cowboy enterprise technology research and development, introduction of talents, etc. A cowboy professional standards of the research can improve the production efficiency of 80%. The pearl river delta in the future professional cowboy cloth, accessories, clothing market. Rich Ann international cowboy city is located in shunde city, guangdong province, south-west of junan town, it is adjacent to zhongshan, new will, jiangmen city, unusually advantageous geographical location. Junan town is the & # 8221; Provincial tourism resort & # 8221; ( There are both an ecological park, country garden, golf life, the international martial arts star Bruce lee ancestral and other famous scenic spot) The unique tourism resources. In recent years, junan town to a cowboy clothing manufacturing of modern industry developing rapidly, has formed the scale of the hundreds of garment enterprises, these enterprises form a complete set of advanced production equipment and clothing production process, the production of all kinds of denim clothing best-selling inside and outside of the pearl river delta, variety, style, Ann and thus won the & # 8221; The city of garment & # 8221; , & # 8221; The city of cowboy & # 8221; The reputation. Abundant industrial foundation and development prospect, attracted from all over the country cloth, accessories manufacturers in junan open dealerships hundred, which is the foundation for the prototype of junan jeans fabric, accessories market. Rich Ann international cowboy city is a wholesale and retail business, import and export trade, sending and receiving of goods, warehousing cowboy cloth, accessories, clothing in one large professional market, floor warehouse, parking lot, banking, catering, entertainment and other supporting facilities. In terms of investment, junan town government launched a series of preferential conditions, in order to attract customers. In terms of service, AD hoc professional property management company to implement all-weather cowboy city comprehensive management, to provide internal business license agents, sending and receiving the goods, security, cleaning, such as one-stop quality service to goodwill. Cowboy city, the first project is completed, the first floor shops and two or three layers of residential units was introduced preferential now. Welcome the industry choose rich Ann, new business opportunities. Bus route: 391 road, 392 road, 393 road, 394 road junan international cowboy city out of the car
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