Are Police (Costumes) Swarming Your Halloween Party?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-02
Here's a great idea for a Halloween theme party - cops and robbers! There are more costumes of this sort than you might think. If you're thinking of having a Law and Order type party, guests could make their own or order one of the many police or prison uniforms available for both men and women. And if this is going to be a family party, there are even costumes for kids and pets! (However, if you are going to invite the kids, you may want to avoid some of these sexier costumes like the Miss Demeanor Adult costume). So, what are some of the other police jumpsuit or prison jumpsuit costumes available? One fun idea for couples is to pair a police uniform with a prisoner costume. the orange jumpsuit costumes are particularly popular for the jailbirds. One example for women is the Prisoner of Love romper. For the men, try this Orange Jumpsuit Adult costume - if you like bad boys, I guess you'd consider this sexy. Then just add a few more girls to the party. Check out the S.W.A.T., and CSI costumes. For those who like a little more intrigue, take a look at the Sexy FBI jumpsuit costume. Maybe you're the more rural type. Look arresting in the sexy sheriff outfit. And here's a nice one for sexy curvaceous ladies who need a little bigger size - it's called Lady Justice - sweet! And, OMG - there is even a Fashion Police costume for you uptown girls. Oops - lets not forget those sexy men in uniform. Take a look at the form fitting Police Man Adult costume or go for the more classic Officer Oliver Clothesoff Adult Costume. (I did not make these names up!) Now we just need a few more costumes for the robbers - so far they are really outnumbered. The Sexy Gangster costume is fun. And the VIP Prisoner is another option. For even more gangster costumes visit men's and women's Gangster department. Well, I'm guessing this gives you an excellent start for your super fun cops and robbers Halloween party! Good cop, bad cop, anyone?
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