Autumn and winter sweater hit but the quality price difference is very big

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-01
Everyone knows qiu dong season sweater is everyone's first choice, in our hometown before light wear a cotton coat all feel cold, so it also added a cardigan to guarantee no cold, autumn a woolen sweater boom quickly spread to the whole region, so choosing to a wool sweater is an important guarantee for the winter, but now in the market or mall sweater brand is numerous, the price difference is very big, dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan have good and bad are intermingled of woolen sweater, and wool content labeling chaos is difficult to distinguish. Within one hundred yuan sweater is everywhere, and even some sweaters low to 20 or 30 yuan. A brand in a clothing store to see a label content is 70% of the sweaters for $90. And the same with another brand woolen sweater is as high as 70% 8900 yuan, is the choose and buy of woolen sweater lau have some doubts about 90 yuan of woolen sweater, sales staff promotion with manufacturer to explain the reason. I went to the clothing market, a woolen sweater, full-court 29 RMB banner is very conspicuous. Low prices caused many people to question its quality, are going to shop lady carefully with the hand touched a red sweater, shaking his head said such a low price, can contain many cloth? The shopkeeper said it is certainly a woolen sweater, as the goods are factory direct sale, the price is very cheap. She ask how much wool content, the shopkeeper vague, repeatedly emphasized that just inside hairy. But didn't find any ingredients on the label. Then come to yet clothing wholesale market, woolen sweater ditto a goods that is the same as the clothing wholesale market, more than 30 yuan to 50 yuan between, a handful of the wholesale price in 100 yuan. Some big brand woolen sweater price in hundreds of yuan even thousands of yuan, composition is mostly 100% wool. A brand store manager said the price, basically see the positioning of the brand, cheap sweater replenish onr's stock from guangdong, Shanghai area, and expensive sourcing from Inner Mongolia. My relatives have been in the market to buy 10 yuan a woolen sweater, this price can buy a thick clothes is really incredible, I put forward the objection at that time, but the clothes are bought also have no way to say what, later on the Internet, online said cheap clothing may be quality problem, might be the garbage, someone once in hankou fu road 13 line became more day clothing market a business to spent 30 dollars to buy a sweater, which wear in the body from the cold day. The next morning he felt upper body itching, took off his clothes and found the sweater without logo. Later he found the shops with law enforcement personnel, see stores inside pile of half a person of high woolen sweater, most only seven eighty percent new, and odor, a number of customers is the fitting at the scene. To investigate the shops boss miss Chen to come up with stock certificates. Merchants are through to the sellers information search on the net, and then paid a 10000 yuan deposit, the other party sent 900 sweater, purchase price of 10 yuan respectively and 20 yuan, and then add a few yuan to sales. In fact, a lot of people buy cheap clothes the body anodyne that is in the past, but really have taken place in the difficulties to find related department to solve, that your body also suffers, so the clothes are of a certain value. According to industry insiders low-priced sweaters are fake on the market at present, most of them are made with chemical fiber blended wool, does not contain wool composition. Despite marked on the labels of some sweaters contain a certain proportion of wool, in fact many are at their own mark, mark is not standard, not blindly believe. In addition, the wool fibers is shorter, the other need to add a certain proportion in production of fiber, wool sweater is unlikely to be all made of wool, not 100% pure wool sweater.
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