Autumn and winter wear the fashion color, every minute can conquer London fashion week!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-30
This year London fashion colour, bright flame red, sakura toppings, burnt toast color, hyacinth royal blue, lilac, otters, brown, yellow, brown, deep blue peony, copper twist, golden olive green curry. So this season must don't wear black and white ash, please ~! The following pick a color to wear all fabulous! Is not hard to find this year qiu dong's popular color is more bright-coloured, many more strong, bright color, has become a big hot, is no longer plain boring this winter, so to speak. Then discuss with everybody in this year's color how to wear. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Garnet red in the streets of qiu dong, put on this warm and not too exaggerated pomegranate red very dazzing, it is not like a big red blunt, even large area wears to also won't feel vulgar. Design or advice on selected item to match, such as: coat, shoes, scarves, bags, wide-legged pants, etc. , easy to Hold others to a few streets. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Autumn brown autumn maple classic autumn and winter color in brown, on the Coach, 1941 and ProenzaSchouler shows, we can see it is the most beautiful appearance. And the color is close to brown and auburn, like maple leaf color, give a person with feel like a setting sun, and the autumn harvest. As part of their daily wear take autumn maple brown color of the dress can be inside or outside, upper body effect is very impressive, but the mulberry heart is autumn maple brown to black is not friendly. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Neutral grey is the color of the most trusted forever, in the art world gray called senior, as 2017 fashion colour, it is indispensable. Neutral gray color elegant, let wear people have contracted the temperament of the atmosphere, as a mainstay of the autumn colour collocation of the neutral clothing are mass at the right hypochondrium. Just to be here to share with you today, believe that everyone has a bottom.
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