Autumn temperature changes take goods to grasp the good time

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-29
After see again to the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival in many parts of the temperature also has changed a lot, a lot of people will choose a time for family that in the National Day clothes ready to fall, so this is also our business sales surge, the stock before, of course, is also essential. Like southern city still wear short-sleeved blew fan, but also feel filar silk cool meaning, especially in the morning to go out really add one piece of clothing, but overall the temperature is warm in the afternoon, some northern cities and western cities it is cold, but around the temperature may be not quite the same, and we are ready for the time also should know more about the temperature, in this way can you prepare the goods you better sales. Some stock is feeling is cold, but replenish onr's stock to see some like into the style, but not in order to get the local may sales, if the quantity is less words is right, but if the quantity is too much is bad for the general stock is bad sales can also contact the exchange business within a few days, but if they are ready for the early, temporary think maybe the temperature changed clothing is not suitable for the recent sales, that you like to exchange this also affects the sales of holiday, but if after a long time there will be no supplier agreed to exchange goods, because some design is finished, in the long run out of stock you back a few others also is bad. Actually exchange this business customers seem to be quite reasonable, but if the businessman a batch of finished goods out in style, impossible to you a few pieces or one or two to help you come back in your inventory, if the goods haven't finished out is that can help you to change, but also should have a time limit, cannot say stubbornly merchants exchange according to his will. If forced to exchange some clothes stores, or can afford, but it will affect the later cooperation. Not like retail clothing wholesale, can meet customer demand, we can only as far as possible to meet, some garment stock is enough, some styles may go cargo, to finish the production no longer. Cannot meet the demand of clients of a replacement, the customer must look at the weather in stock, in order to avoid impact pressure goods or sales, are likely to want to cause conflict, exchange and suppliers in the design of clothing wholesale is a time limit, we all want to do a style of one season, but fall is really short, sometimes I haven't felt the breath of autumn in the winter.
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