Bare midriffs wearing three prevention measures

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-28
Navel is the fetus from matrix after falling off the umbilical cord was cut after & which is formed by the other; Scar eye & throughout; , although the navel has can't display the actual physiological function, but it inside and outside the body, is the health care to point, Chinese medicine called & other; CV 8 & throughout; Or & other In the umbilical & throughout; Points on the acupuncture point, it is important to treat some diseases, also is the body's most vulnerable area in resistance to the outside world, some disease evil invade the body & other; Throughout the portal &; 。 Usually it is clothing to protect it, but once exposed, it is easy to make summer evil wet air enter the body, so the foreign trade clothing factory advice when wearing bare midriff, the following & other; Three prevention & throughout; You must be aware of measures. A, foreign trade clothing factory & ndash; Prevent injuries. Due to the lack of the protection of the clothes and felt very vulnerable to accidental injury, such as burns, cuts, etc. , so be careful in daily life or work, too much movement range should not be too hard, avoid umbilical plexus by the accident. Second, the foreign trade clothing factory & ndash; Prevent infection. Summer sweat flow is big, the dirt easily on the body as began sweating into a navel eye and deposition time, always felt for clean, can add neutral bath wash in warm water. When cleaning is unfavorable and scrub brush, so as not to hurt the skin, infection occurs. Some avant-garde women like in navel stick act the role of design, or even permanent figure act the role ofing, nice to add to the charm and appeal. Apart from this way of thy neck, how many people to accept and appreciate single in terms of health, and it is harmful to do so. Because stick act the role ofing will retard the excretion function of skin, which may cause skin diseases such as eczema, sweat rash; Decoration paint, often contain chemicals that some harmful to the body, such as in the decoration business place, sharing needles and may suffer from infectious diseases. Third, foreign trade clothing factory & ndash; Cold cold. Open the clothes off, send ren meridian easily damaged, summer wet pathogenic qi sheng, such as not to escort, pathogenic factors will enter the body and cause disease. With the popularity of air conditioning, indoor and outdoor temperature disparity is too big, time easy to catch cold catch cold and cause gastrointestinal discomfort caused by the difference in temperature, severe cases may also induce gastric spasm due to catch cold catch cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. , so be sure to prevent the bellybutton catch cold. Or a rainy day in the morning and evening wear no bare midriffs as far as possible; Electric fan, air conditioning don't blow opposite the navel; Ride a motorcycle or bicycle wear bare midriffs speed shoulds not be too fast; Night sleep don't let the time for the wind, when necessary, can be used in cover abdominal thin or protect the umbilical cord.
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