Beauty of guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market in guangzhou city

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-13
Guangzhou beauty clothing city park is located in guangzhou people's south road no. 88 children rich a layer, is located in line 13 commercial circle. The whole line 13 clothing business circle is given priority to with women's clothing, plays an important role in clothing wholesale market in guangzhou, in and out of the thousands of tons of goods every day, tens of thousands of visitors, business radiation surface far to all over the country, Russia and southeast Asia. Because the line 13 growing prosperity, the guangzhou government has officially put thirteen guild regulations as li wan area larger clothing wholesale business logistics center, and guangzhou liuhua clothing market and shahe poon spring clothing wholesale market. The garment city for clothing wholesale business, the main, Japan and South Korea version of the popular fashion clothing wholesale, business area of 12000 square meters. Beautiful clothing city opposite the building of the People's Republic of China, is located in the thirteenth line wholesale clothing business circle and DE road business circle core area, the main, Japan and South Korea version of the popular fashion clothing wholesale; Immediately following the loop entrance, close no. 2 subway line haizhu square station, with the old and the new airport, railway station, and through new convention and exhibition center, end of line 6 DE road station is 08 open, direct guangfo highway, the first layer of pavement how bus to arrive. After the reconstruction of the beauty of the clothing city, a layer of rich business area of 10000 square meters, equipped with central air-conditioning, escalators, freight elevator, telephone communication and perfect monitoring, fire protection system. Guangzhou beauty clothing city rich second primary large parking lot 300 parking Spaces and storage area, cargo handling logistics area, specially designed for business customers and replenish onr's stock customer service. Floor has the famous restaurants such as McDonald's, translation, KFC and air hair center as the leisure, the first layer is more multiple large outdoor advertising and all-weather scrolling electronic display dynamic tide and enterprise information, help you wholesale trading and brand development charge toward success! Bus route: 134 road, 823 road, 86 road, 110 road, 209 road, 186 road subway line 2 haizhu square station line 6 DE road station
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