Bohemian dress hot this summer is the seaside holiday essentials

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-16
Every year always received a lot of customer come to our clothing wholesale network inquiries, the kind of clothing to sell, can you recommend me some good selling clothes ah, actually I also want to each customer all have good sell clothes, but because of the different region, so everyone is different to the requirement of clothing, I also dare not recommend any good sells clothes to the customer, if well recommended that he take good sell this also don't say, if it doesn't sell that I might have been called off. So I is courtesy of the general customers to call his own choice to suit your local conditions. Summer though only that a few months, but the feeling is more and more hot in summer, although more people are fitted with air conditioning, but go out or it's unbearably hot, dress in every day in the summer is more popular clothing, the Bohemian dress especially by people like, the characteristics of the Bohemian dress is eclectic. A variety of rich color and changeful adornment method such as handmade exquisite was unified in the unruly and stray. Bohemian main feature is the tassel, graffiti, bring people visual impact and mysterious atmosphere, this is called 'have certain economic basis of small endowment emotional appeal of contracted style of dress style formed a huge impact. But Bohemian, not can simply use the knot tassel lace, cotton and linen fold to arm way of wearing it freedom individuality, the principle of no as a principle of the way. Put a stone, wooden bead a cloth of fashion, the essence of the Bohemian. Bohemian dress general embroidery, printing, lace and tassel more, present umbrella or patchwork dress. Generally suitable for a tall slender man. Want to wear a beautiful Bohemian dress, upper body with some pure color number, is given priority to with white, pink, it won't appear printing design, confused if feet with a pair of wedge sandals, so much the better. Bohemian was accepted by the mass is common in recent years, such as girls waist belt long tassels, knitting hollow out or gauze fabrics hand-painted, off-the-shoulder blouse, and layered drape skirt, they always wear baggy cotton dress, wearing a layered necklace, or is there some strange flat soft boots style and bold fancy decorations, ring she clasped rattled, and appeared in front of people. Bohemian dress gave me the feeling is beautiful, each a skirt on with all sorts of design, not like some plain clothes, don't match anything looks very monotonous, Bohemian dress of all kinds of printing design, especially with landscape design, let you see the wind feel cool, if you want to go to the seaside in the summer vacation, a beautiful beach dress is indispensable. It is full of magical color, always is so compelling, that kind of unique flavor is unable to give other a skirt. Recommended for everybody today hang a few summer romance neck condole belt skirt, let you show their perfect temperament. Heard my introduction feel Bohemian dress is that everyone can enjoy. This is love season in summer, are you ready?
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