Boys and girls should learn more Fashion fold wear t-shirts

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-08
Street snap, often can see the little sister because she wear a very handsome but also by netizens like very individual character, in fact, not only is the little sister of wear build let a person soul feeder, she also is very eye-catching. And general or weak, or sexy little sister is not the same, although the little sister is a girl, but is a boy with aura, the appearance of the cool it. This time, little sister is take the collocation of a kind of fashion, students party looked very like, have to is to wear at the time of the holiday, to see what kind of modelling is. We need to change the simple boring T-shirt collocation, the collocation of fashion there are ten million species, we need is to know some fold wear techniques, even very simple T-shirt can take out is not the same as modern, to wear a to belong to own style. No matter what star tide people wear, editing is believed that various 'fold wear' method of T-shirt, can be used as the preferred us daily travel yo, so to learn! Said to fold wear t-shirts as a skirt with shoulder-straps inside take should be a common fold wear method, a lot of girls in summer wear a skirt with shoulder-straps can feel too much exposure, this suit can build a pure color T-shirt, can create modern administrative levels, but also with a feeling of girl, sexy skirt with shoulder-straps transform a kind of style. T-shirt and shirt this folding method in fact many stars are in the street snap through the long sleeve shirt will fold a short-sleeved t-shirts, instead of short sleeve T-shirt is fold take a long-sleeved shirt, very have administrative levels feeling, and have a sense of false two super smart. Black and white classical collocation is never out of season throughout the year, and a white T-shirt with a black condole belt vest, not excessive exposure, but fold wear looks very simple, not simple, add a little something, add a small silk scarves to wear the skirt with shoulder-straps of sexy, but afraid of suntan again afraid proud flesh on a little more. Can attempt to build a T-shirt inside skirt with shoulder-straps, avoid embarrassing things, regardless of fat and thin only need to master the T-shirt with the details of the skirt with shoulder-straps, even the fat man can easily wear a thin man's visual sense. Fold a T-shirt to wear under the guidance of the little sister estimate is to fire, although easy to wear out to let a person feel very bright eye, T-shirt fold wear tide people looked like, unexpected is the student party do not help, have to get up. A fashionable to wear out is sure to attract attention, but she still take fire her all this collocation is more severe. If students learn to the party dressed like this, later go out is simply too rob mirror, estimate the tide must said convinced.
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