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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-14
Inventory: British and American four big fashion mall offline store the latest case 'gorgeous' previously reported several times that the traditional retail electricity how to embrace the O2O each big move, at the same time, the electricity companies are also itching, to offline drift & hellip; Electricity, the boss of Amazon has just announced plans to open a guerrilla, in fact, many famous fashion mall offline already with the way they try to be born, exploring for users, enhance interactive experience and set up the brand image more intuitive and effective way, provide powerful support for online sales. Here are four famous 'gorgeous' selection of British and American fashion mall offline shop the latest case, the trend to believe will soon spread: the largest footwear electricity Zappos break into golden holidays choose open large offline store in Las Vegas on November 20th, is located in the heart of Las Vegas Zappos guerrilla store opened, store up to 2 square feet, 24 hours a day and 7 days don't close until December 31, so full time foreign business full-time, companies explain because customers online at 3 am in Zappos. Com website can shopping as usual, so offline shops will not shut down, Zappos in order to keep the user experience of O2O consistency is also. This is not the first time that Zappos open guerrilla store, as early as 2012 Zappos has cooperation with metropolitan of P3 Studio opened guerrilla store and art installation in the store. But the guerrilla store larger, more passenger flow are also expected. Zappos has grown since 1999 to stand the biggest site for online selling shoes, under the leadership of chinese-american Tony hsieh, has always been noted for its high quality of the user experience. In this training offline guerrilla store clerk, the point is not sales, but how to receive good every customer. In store customers can touch and try on the advantage of highlights, plus website backstage inventory support, customers won't because break code break not be frustrated by the product of color, the clerk sweep code online orders at any time, exempt postage delivery the next day. The entity shop -process design, customers will be through multiple display Windows of different types of clothing and area, three-quarters of the size of this part of the size of the store, the last to be arrived at a shoe area, along the way customers can see many designer brands. Zappos hope you know that they not only sell shoes, also sell dresses and clothing. Zappos declined to store sales data and expected because & other; This is an experimental try, people to see and experience of the brand, of course, but also to see if it is necessary to open a offline store. ” Customers during the New Year's Christmas offline store purchase behavior may decide the future of Zappos entity shop sales business. Warby Parker library subject flagship store opening Internet glasses complete offline innovation headquarters in New York Warby Parker was created in the first three years, only sell online glasses, and sell very well, because Warby Parker is created as a result of the glasses online sales account for less than 1%, the founders decided to all sales through online only at that time. But dubious advantage, beginning in 2013 they will try to early offline entities, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, at present already had four offline store. Warby Parker by setting up a guerrilla stores and showrooms and found offline can indeed more interaction with the brand and product, thus promote sales. One of the founders of Gilboa said: & other; Now the main sales or from online, we also hope to continue. But I hope to bring the best shopping experience possible to where people go shopping shopping, namely offline is certainly not wrong. ” He said: & other; I think apple is doing the best place, not pay attention to how many products sold in offline, but carefully built great offline shopping experience, it is also a Warby Parker has been trying to do. ” Last year Warby Parker library theme flagship stores in New York for the opening, caused the industry many topics. There is photo in the store, can try to match glasses to read Warby exclusive publication, there are mirrors everywhere can see the image of the glasses. Warby Parker in offline store set up WIFI and also smart sensors, collect data and combined with the online data analysis, thus to understand people's preferences and shopping behavior.
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