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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-14
British electricity ASOS: with British gene hipster electricity, Britain's biggest fashion mall ASOS has been set up for 15 years, it aroused the concern of the Chinese consumers is that they last formal event should open the Chinese market. Achievable in China is achievable to enable worldwide in addition to the British eighth regional website, other regional sites include the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Russia. Senior merchants as a fashion trend in the field of electricity, ASOS has opened up a classic model of tidal current electricity: designer ASOS independent brands together, independent designer's popular logo, such as Jonathan Saunders and Alexander Wang, etc, and the introduction of a third party brand in website to sell. Entrepreneurship nations understand, ASOS this name is actually & other 在屏幕上所见” Abbreviations, open the web site home page full of European and American brand style, it can catch the user's eye. Because in the face of user groups mainly fashionable personage, ASOS main clothing is tonal & other; Imitation star dress & throughout; Style, known as & other; The world's most women can dress throughout the &; Supermodel Kate & middot; Moss generic clothes is one of the most popular products on the website. ASOS product line covers the women's, men's clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty makeup products, currently ASOS site support nine languages services, has opened offices in Australia, France, Germany, basic covers the global market. In addition to its own brand of men's, women's, achievable and specialized designer shops and open platform, and have special ASOS Outlet website out-of-season products processing. ASOS Markerplace allowing customers on ASOS, their own clothes and accessories sales. They are to introduce the concept of the Marketplace: update your wardrobe. Because of the consumers is 16 - ASOS face 34 years old fashion consumers, so they focus more on sales young fashion brand. In addition to ASOS online stores, they also opened up a mobile terminal, Facebook and other sales channels. NickRobertson and Quentin Griffiths in 2000 founded the achievable, the following year he landed in London stock exchange AIM section, relying on open market raise quickly developed into the UK and the world's best-known fashion electrical contractor. ASOS, founder and CEO Nick Robertson once said: & other; I for ASOS employs thousands of employees in their 20 s, these people are love network, love fashion, love social media. They are full of youthful spirit, this let ASOS work become simple, because ASOS do just transfer the spirit of the employees to come out, don't need much effort. ” For ASOS employees remain active mentality, Nick allows employees on a Friday afternoon 3 PM will leave the company, can also do some small cocktail party from time to time. Nick's dream is all the desire of satisfy customer fill your wardrobe, also due to these young customers do not always loyal to certain brands, let ASOS style also become more diversified, but how changes also cannot leave the purpose of the trend.
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