But more and more fancy letters printed t-shirts have a lot of comedy tends after translation

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-28
Our clothes will be more and more fancy in recent years, I remember T-shirt it's will be printed in Chinese or are some lovely cartoon design, or some flowers, now we will find that there are a lot of clothing will print some English above, so that more international but I don't know these English, I call these letters, so I said above print letters should be yes, may have a lot of people like me also don't know much about English, put together some letters, but some people don't know they spell out letters may be in the English language is there any other meaning, but some businesses that have to do is look good, no special care about the meaning of the above. Parents say my son just read, a good school have to wear uniforms at ordinary times, also don't have to worry about what to wear, the summer son is noisy want to buy some of your favorite clothes, I give him money to go shopping for myself, bought a pile of clothes on the day of the child back, there is foreign language words printed, I don't understand, but also to practice a foreign language well. Wang help son to wash this shirt in English in a few days, curiously looked up the word in the english-chinese dictionary meaning. Don't look up it doesn't matter, up almost annoyed me! Originally the dress chest with obscene language, font for two slap. Ms. Wang immediately confiscated, the clothes to wear no son, son said students are now popular this, wear out and cool. Now it will not only is our popular T-shirt printing all kinds of English, other costumes are also seem to appear such circumstance, if such clothes are very popular with young friends, a shopkeeper said some simple English also know clothes, but uncommon simply do not know the meaning of words, we sell in a fog, fog to buy customers, and then somehow to wear out. Someone in the street and saw some letters printed t-shirts, then pick a asked the boss know what is the meaning of the above? The shop owner also said they don't know as long as it is the customer like to replenish onr's stock to sell, he said like this T-shirt can sell 40 - a day 50 pieces, to visit the majority are young people. Actually printed t-shirts also nothing bad, but we also want to know a little bit about the combination of them, also avoid wearing out and let others jokes.
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