Buy industrial dust mask should pay attention to what?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-30
Buy industrial dust mask should pay attention to what? Industrial dust mask is not free to choose, we should pay attention to a lot of things, only in this way can buy real suitable products, so what what problem should note when buying industrial dust cover? Then continue to look at the introduction related: 1, the first to look at the safety of dust mask, safety is mainly manifested in the dust mask protection grade, each brand of dust mask has its protection grade N90 ( 90%) ,N95( 95%) ,N100( 99. 97%) , dust mask, the higher the grade, the better the protective effect of dust, the higher the security, protection grade of each brand must be certified by special labor protection supplies safety sign management center. 2, again see dust mask of comfort, for dust mask half mask, imported silicone material is softer, more comfortable, close skin very good, in this way can the dust mask and facial perfect union, comfortable and safer. 3, after the service life of the dust mask, wearing a safe and comfortable, dust mask, though the dust mask initial cost is higher, but its service life is longer, instead, the lower the use cost is more economic. The use of masks is that we get the guarantee of safety, so the friends to choose the time of industrial dust mask must be more careful, should not only pay attention to economy and comfort, more should pay attention to its safety, only pay attention to in the first place, safety is important, then, that friends must have enough cognition and understanding.
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