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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-26
More and more people are now open clothing store business, but many are newbie on the road, no experience, at the time of purchase will always confused! And in the process of garment stock often have some main point, what is need to know? First of all, if you want to know, before you open a shop is decided to business men's clothing or women's clothing, don't make the wholesale market to see what good, so easy to confuse the thinking of you, do clothing important is single-minded, unless you are under a lot of stores. And then to your clothing, which age group do you sell clothing, which type of selling, and the second is replenish onr's stock, many people set up shop for the first time is not allowed because the vision, are in stock for the first time to eat the big loss, so the first batch of goods into less. If you are a new clothing store, you must have a lot of problems at this time is not know, the first point is to replenish onr's stock, to replenish onr's stock of the clothes a lot of people look at is very simple, think of the right to clothing wholesale belt enough money can into the good stuff, but it is not the case, want to good, also need to know. Clothing store business conditions, and has much to do with the supply of goods. Opened a clothing store, in addition to have good sales methods, the key is to 'understand'! In addition to find the suitable for their own way to replenish onr's stock, for each class to wholesale price and customer preferences, shape characteristics, and so on, more important is to practice on a pair of critical, learn to clean out the goods! There are two main types of clothing store stock form, a kind of brand inn, they tend to be in the enterprise to join the brand or manufacturer for pick and place an order, almost every brand every year 2 - open Four clothing exchange fair, let franchisees choose order, then they prepared in advance, and stay during the products to the public through the logistics sent to each business. Good way is to join dealers don't have to run around to the wholesale market purchase, to save time and effort, but the downside is that more single product by comparison, and to take cargo often enterprise as well as regulations and restrictions, replenishment and more trouble. The second is relatively free of bulk shops and online stores, according to the positioning of the shopkeeper equipping products, this mode of operation, is very popular, we all like the pattern. Clothing experience veteran tells you some practical tips replenish onr's stock, and see it together. First big fear: replenish onr's stock according to his be fond of most of the clothing is MM, the purpose of general clothes very romantic, think you like to go shopping, like clothing, has experience to the clothing of choose and buy, so blindly open clothing store. In fact many disastrous clothing shop novice, all is made the first big fear: according to their own likes and dislikes stock! Do you like, do not represent others like; Like you like it, do not represent market; Do you like, more do not represent your store location, decoration like your store. Come in while the goods are all good selective, messy, but the style looks like a grocery store, good will for three. Stock can't only look at the price of clothing store owner at the time of purchase, not only look at the price of high and low, with their clothing positioning as the standard to take goods, or even to take back the supply of goods price is low, can not sell out or if still lost money. Moreover, the price of the supply of goods and quality are often inversely proportional to, the supply of goods price is too low, on the quality in the first place will not be able to give customers good security. So want to choose to suit oneself shops and product positioning of the supply of goods, from the Angle of inexpensive source selection, shop around, find the best one to purchase. According to actual condition to replenish onr's stock if your shop area is not a lot of visitors, more should consider how to retain old customers, at the same time, considering the operating clothing styles compared with competitors, what are the advantages of place, as far as possible to have more advantages than the competition of the supply of goods, whether on price, or style. Only do people no I have, people have my excellent, can well retain customers, and cultivate them into loyal customers of the store. Clothing positioning need to have a clear positioning, not only is the men's wear women's clothing, we also need to pay attention to the clothing is the style you choose, and how much price, to keep clear mind, according to these replenish onr's stock, will allow you to purchase more easily. Clothes the popularity of a lot of people think that as long as into the hot style, your business will be good to sell.
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