Cashmere and wool sweater though there but the warmth retention property and price difference is very big

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-18
Now although the weather is hot, we don't want to issue of warm clothing, and today I saw a question about winter, so don't want to wait until winter to share, because I don't know the time to share some people might miss oh, speak out now can we look at before you choose winter won't fall for it, today we are going to speak is the choice of the cashmere sweater, some people may see what material is what material is labelled, oneself also don't know much about, anyway, put on more warm won't go to consider the question of whether their fall. Cashmere and wool how to distinguish, according to fuzhou some wool clothing famous brand merchants, strictly speaking can only become a cashmere, cashmere cashmere growing in cold area of goat cortex, appearance is a thin layer of mask in goats, coarse roots fleecy, cold winter time, withstand cold, fall off after spring, warm, belongs to the rare special animal fibers. Because are gentle and warm, the generally high price of cashmere products, known as 'soft gold' beautiful praise; And call wool from sheep body, called sheep wool industry, sheep wool even very fine, also call it the wool on professional, and not called velvet, of course also can call the fine wool. So those who claimed to be the sheep wool products, is not true of cashmere in nature. In sales of clothing, in the market of wool and cashmere blended, pure wool, wool and other material blending sheet is tasted, pure cashmere item. The item also points of pure cashmere 100% and 100% cashmere cashmere item item. These brand shop sales of pure cashmere products list price in 5000 yuan of everywhere, even providers, a pure cashmere sweater general price in 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan. But most in the price of ordinary pure wool sweater a mall in 1000 yuan. Compared these cashmere sweater feels more soft and light texture, but alone is not easy to distinguish the difference in appearance. Price is more expensive, cashmere cashmere sweater warmth, comfort and permeability is far better than the woolen sweater. Part of the nominal of cashmere clothing products prices are low bit unusual, a cashmere sweater needs only a few yuan, hundreds of yuan can be bought. You know before you want to buy these knowledge will not confuse the cashmere and wool.
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