Changsha clothing wholesale market where to take goods

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-28
1. Gaoqiao large market in changsha hunan gaoqiao large market is the hunan gaoqiao large market development co. , LTD. , one of the major programs, is the provincial and municipal key projects of the ninth five-year plan and the national key support of the market construction projects, after 13 years of development, has become a central area of the largest state-level comprehensive wholesale markets and the fourth largest market. Hunan gaoqiao large market covers an area of 1000 mu, total investment 2 billion yuan, completed 600000 square meters of operating room, storage and form a complete set, it had a total of 6000 units, management staff of more than 50000 people. Market positioning to rum, fusi, cosmetic, household appliances, department stores, style, agricultural and sideline products, leather goods, complementary with small commodities, knitwear, clothing and other items, clinch a deal amount is about 30 billion yuan of above, was named the provincial advanced unit of finance system. Hunan gaoqiao large market is only 1000 meters away from the railway station, only 500 meters away from the railway station, near highway interwoven into a network, with 107, 319 national highway, northing new, beijing-zhuhai expressway and several bus routes to market in the city, is the commodity distribution of gold dock. Field the north-south trunk road 30 meters wide, main 26 meters wide, has 60000 square meters of china-south Africa region's largest truck parking lot and the freight market, two sets of water supply pipeline, and set up distribution room and pressure pump room, omni-directional meets the needs of the business. Since opened on September 3, 1996, successively introduced food hall of fujian, guangdong food hall, Japan town, famous beverage, agricultural and sideline products, paper products, the town, style toy city, leather goods, household appliances department city department town, tea town, herbs and so on more than 10 large professional wholesale market, sales coverage across the province, central south area and the surrounding radiation more than 10 provinces and cities. 2. Guangzhou, changsha, guangzhou clothing city mall clothing city, adjacent to the national four big market - Changsha gaoqiao large market, by domestic four giant teamed up to build the Chinese commercial real estate professional investment operators & # 8212; R day industrial operation, all the 18 square meters, the total project planning of the city of guangzhou clothing is overall positioning in high-grade dress, by retail development into zero group engaged in joining headquarters headquarters + brand. Guangzhou clothing city's main goal to establish the brand. Unified image, perfect service, optimal management, become the enterprises and their own to create a greater profit space, at the same time create a template for facing the whole country, into the country. The market is mainly divided into spinning in the market. The western market, cloth, metal market five administrative zones. The blind clothing, fabric cloth. Decorative fabrics, bedding, small commodities, footwear, hardware, electrical appliances 28 professional wholesale market. Market covers an area of 2. 5 square kilometers, commercial use yellow 1. 12 million square meters. 3. Fashion wholesale street, cheung sha wan road, to qinzhou in sham shui Po district is located in the whangee street, cheung sha wan road, a street lined with fashion wholesale stores standing, close together in a row, is a famous fashion street. In recent years, these stores engaged in fashion wholesale and retail business, sales of clothing mainly garment factories nearby overproduction, novel styles, mostly in the wholesale price sale. The vendors here precisely grasp the fashion trends of the wind, products mainly for clothing shops and overseas buyers sales, also attracted many women to choose of course, more admiring the passenger to make the fashion wholesale centre, cheung sha wan road, it will become the emerging tourist spot. 4. Changsha, hunan, changsha, hunan and zhejiang clothing wholesale market zhejiang small commodity wholesale market in changsha city bus station and education center, administrative center, the university town is located in changsha (hi-tech development zone, the capital city culture tourist area, bus station transport hub five center at the core of the earth. Xiang zhe small commodity wholesale market ( Xiang zhe wholesale market for short) Is a collection of clothing, shoes, bags, bedding and other sales for the integration of business circle, xiang zhe market a total of five layers, each layer divides the different class sales section. Xiang zhe 5 original poster for 'her clothing wholesale market and join in, clothing mainly divided into two categories, namely women's clothing, 18 - 60 years old) And the children's clothing, 2 - 12 years old) , have more than three thousand clothing brand, millions of clothing, style variety, quality, and the price is low, all the cash supply, all-round meet the general merchants to wear the discerning eye. On a regular basis and ultra-low preferential wholesale price, want to make money friend, to keep attention! Good opportunity for the absolute don't miss! The goods are sold to all over the country every day there are thousands of tens of thousands of pieces, with a proprietary logistics transportation, and near the bus station and subway stations, convenient transportation!
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