ChaoTianMen market adjustment management mode to meet the consumer demand business income

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-23
Chongqing is a place where we are all familiar with, the clothing wholesale market there may be a ChaoTianMen market, can say that there is a national famous clothing wholesale market, but in recent years electronic commerce development, plus some counties are in his own clothing industry development, the market business is influenced by a large degree, ChaoTianMen wholesale function also shrinking of the market, how to change the current situation is a business concern, if we do not consider that the merchant's living environment will be affected by different degree, they need to find a new business model, the clothing market upgrade to meet the market demand. We all know that the general clothing wholesale market is do half a day, a lot of wholesale markets are open files, early in the morning till 3 PM document. And ChaoTianMen market also is such a pattern. Adjust business hours like is also a way of stimulating, everyone could be longer operating time to increase their income, extended operation is also with the current market environment, but want to do this also must obtain the consent of the other businesses, there are still some people at the very beginning of is to resist, but does not reform the market will only backwards, if everyone can't earn money that you certainly don't agree, market management environment pressure is more and more big, the ChaoTianMen market is at a crossroads, reform is imperative. As the ChaoTianMen market brand and product quality has increased, the malls in clothing design is more and more diversified, greatly attracted many retail customers. But time had half a day's business has failed to keep pace with the demand of the market. ChaoTianMen wholesale and retail market in the past almost all do very little, but in recent years, the retail has accounted for about forty percent, markets have become market trend is more and more obvious. It is easy to see that the current operating time is can't meet the requirements of general consumers, the consumers called a half-day market business model, also make the mall site is not fully utilization of resources, a huge waste. At present more tough economic times, also respond in this market. Since the second half of last year, the labor costs are rising, such as a porter is responsible for the goods up and down, the previous monthly price is 1600 yuan, but rose to 3000 yuan/month now. S harder to recruit, four years ago, or 1000 yuan/month, rose to 2500 yuan to 3000 yuan last year. Rising costs and profits decline are most businesses for reform of the important reasons, before everybody profits can also account for almost two layer, is now less and less, only to find out the way faster can live better. Now we all know that humen clothing wholesale market is essentially all day, they are not only only wholesale, also can buy directly and individual clients, and also higher than the wholesale price, it is another kind of revenue for businesses. ChaoTianMen markets also opened up this model, we know that some 30% of income comes from the individual businesses, the comparison of the individual are constantly expanding, as ChaoTianMen market diversification of products and low price compared with retail stores, more and more individuals are willing to ChaoTianMen market shopping. Actually you also know these entities wholesale market transformation is impacted by the network clothing wholesale, and now the network clothing wholesale are basically point to point mode, such as Chinese clothing wholesale network relying on dongguan humen clothing wholesale market advantageous resources, realize the online clothing wholesale and achieved good results. So now ChaoTianMen market also developed several own network shopping platform, to cope with the change of the market and secure his position.
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