Chongqing chongqing sent clothing sales hot but still predominantly wholesale slowly open awareness

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-30
Chongqing economic take-off in all respects, we near several provinces, cities and people all like where to go to replenish onr's stock, now we have some friends in their hometown to do business also depend on chongqing to support a family man, always ask for situation a lot has changed in recent years, a lot of people are not like before go out to work, but in the home to do some small business day also had a comfortable, of course, there are a lot of people do business of clothes, before so many people are to go back to guangdong side stock wholesale out, and now many people go to chongqing to take goods, and then to the rural market in this way, as if someone is doing a good job, too. Chongqing chongqing send dress also slowly into our field of vision, and chongqing send dress also sales to all parts of the country. Chongqing city chamber of commerce for textile clothing industry will long-range said the fly, in the clothing wholesalers in chongqing clothing has very good public praise, as long as the clothing wholesale market, where clothing agents, there is a chongqing send dress. In fact chongqing clothing products and coastal region has a huge difference, but much less well-known brands. Chongqing garment industry output value by the crown at the beginning of the 4. 3 billion yuan to 22 billion yuan in 2011, engaged in garment production and sales of more than ten thousand people. Chongqing more than 3000 clothing enterprises, of which more than 20 million yuan output value of more than 700. Apparel industry in recent years, annual output value is increasing at an average rate of 23%. Chongqing apparel industry in the national ranking average. Actually clothing this thing sometimes what is not clear, have such an experience, there is a friend working in the field, go back to chongqing guanyinqiao shopping, want to buy a few pieces of beautiful clothes, but he bought clothing brand is in guangdong, some price points, oneself also feel satisfied, but she didn't know, these clothes are made in chongqing, chongqing production of clothes, to walk a circle to change signs from purchase price doubled back chongqing sales. In chongqing women's clothing shop owner, she seemed to know the things she said chongqing factory price only $150, a dress wholesale to guangdong in the purchase price will rise to 300 yuan. Sometimes they would encounter clothes replaced main label and tags with foreign brands, but care label is still the chongqing factory. They are also very helpless, although the purchase price is high, but with foreign brands, such as guangdong is better to sell. Actually to chongqing so not many enterprises to the brand development route, still so sure in doing clothing wholesale clothing wholesale market, 80% of chongqing's main wholesale clothing enterprise, this kind of sales model makes chongqing clothing brand visibility, just stay at the agency level, there is no established consumer awareness of the brand, the dependence of the normal form consumers to buy. But it also have no a way we could not every business to create a brand, is known to all the humen clothing popularity is high, but there isn't much brand clothing was born. So clothing wholesale this model is the choice of most enterprises, while clothing wholesale low profits, but if received more orders to impulse, still have relatively good profits, especially by the end of the Spring Festival, the clothing factory is a busy time. Clothing enterprises in the form of industrial park development, can improve the industrial chain, the normative, complementarity between enterprises, promote the sex have very big effect. Self-raised funds by the enterprise in hemp willow makes the development zone along the Yangtze river in chongqing China light textile city &qingdao, can accommodate more than 3000 companies, will promote chongqing apparel industry to clustering, scale, and brand development.
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