Chongqing offline sales clothing wholesale market shrink merchants try water and electricity

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-29
In recent years, everyone think do store business is not good, this is not an individual phenomenon seems to have such a disease across the country, has recently chongqing friend also said, as the autumn outfit ChaoTianMen listed in chongqing market, you can see a women's T-shirt 30 yuan, two such price 50 yuan, and men's T-shirt is $50 a, ChaoTianMen each big clothing wholesale market, shopkeepers are busy clearing inventory, don't put the inventory clear there's no way to greet the arrival of the autumn outfit, some owners also said that the rest of the year inventory is too much, at that time all is such an option to get dizzy, used to now where there will be so much of the summer, the autumn outfit have some into the warehouse. Boss also appears some anxious, so there are some clothes are billed at cost in the qing dynasty, can clear how many, how much is always better than in the warehouse. Now the cost of the clothing is constantly rising, but as a clothing wholesale market price increases, but not too much, if you up too many people will think it's too expensive, so our profit is also more and more weak, many businesses will have to run to the Numbers, if the amount up even if again low also can charge it with a little profit, if can't run on the quantity that is at a loss. One specializing in women's clothing wholesale boss also business is so hard now, business is good before he bought a car to specialized cargo delivery, before each month on gas may be to block 3000, are now up to $5000 / month, the driver and can't afford the previous driver's salary is about 1700 yuan, 3500 yuan now call somebody else to the somebody else all not willing to come. Actually seen in chongqing's salary may be lower than some coastal cities, as urban power of the rising wage with rise, and chongqing's salary than now is turn a few a few years ago. Costs skyrocket profits fell sharply, the businessman can only want to move to maintain. Built as the major clothing wholesale market each breath of e-commerce, also called merchants to join in, anyway now offline market is not good, and so on psychological try to open a shop, is currently only ChaoTianMen related e-commerce platform, there are more than 13, such as network, online ChaoTianMen ChaoTianMen market, even the silver star mall in starting an online e-commerce, has the initial investment of more than 400 ten thousand yuan. There is a group of early do good people online now, after also specially set up step by step to do big shopping department, team members are also gradually expand, the monthly sales to reach hundreds of thousands of yuan, this than offline sales or too much, see others' success, some people also want to suit. In the arrangement of the ocean, yongchuan district clothing wholesale market, the city new and ChaoTianMen forms similar stores also have mushroomed, but ChaoTianMen face opponents had not other district market, network more potential threats. ChaoTianMen its distribution throughout the city and county various wholesale market, the enterprise through the information control and counties stores, commodity distribution network of radiation throughout the big chongqing, also including sichuan, guizhou, yunnan and other surrounding markets. ChaoTianMen will then become the chongqing and southwest of wholesale market for information release and commodity exhibition center. Nowadays ChaoTianMen market has become a business card in the western area of chongqing and even. ChaoTianMen will to form a new business circle, the future will also upgrade to build the central business district (CBD). And opened to traffic in 2013, thousands of fellow the jialing river bridge, the door will also put ChaoTianMen and north and south, will be more popular. Though some ChaoTianMen boss open shop just started, but try water network sales operations in nearly hundred.
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