Choose to Europe and the United States foreign trade garment factory to pay attention to what

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-01
Looking for clothing factory generation process is not a difficult thing, the current domestic of Europe and the United States foreign trade clothing factory many are in a state of order hunger. Find ideal of Europe and the United States foreign trade clothing factory is not an easy thing, but the service quality, foreign trade clothing factory in every process need to be extremely important. Dongguan veteran hong yu garment factories fast fashion women's clothing in Europe and America, to indicate the problem of looking for clothing factory to pay attention to, especially in Europe and the United States women's clothing processing. Garment design and pattern design, fabric accessories selection to design style, according to the drawing production pattern, according to the discharging figure sanctions piece of the sample. No skilled experience is unable to achieve the desired effect. Production preparation: before production must be prepared to fabrics, accessories, sewing thread, such as materials, and make the samples, sample sewing processing, etc. , if it is do processing don't have to worry about this problem. Manufacturing process: basic all garment factory has a lot of clothing technology, but the most important is the tailoring, sewing process, ironing process. Cut is the first step of clothing production and processing, sewing process, to the requirement of technical garment made after, also have to pass valet processing. Clothing quality control: to study the products produced in the process of machining and may produce quality problems, and to develop the necessary quality inspection standards and regulations, make processing quality guaranteed. Post-processing: operators according to the requirements of packaging process will be made and each piece of finishing good sorting, folded, put in plastic bags, then according to the distribution of the number of packing on the packing list. The above note issue could not be any omissions can appear the phenomenon of rework again, otherwise not only a waste of time, is likely to miss the delivery the goods time, that thed loss outweights the gain.
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