Clothes the color knowledge you need to understand

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-03
Each kind of clothing colors decorate your wardrobe, but less to match the effect you want, don't worry, clothing OEM generation of processing small make up this will bring the clothing color is related knowledge, see together! A, clothing OEM generation of processing Color is tie-in, light color fastens brunet department: shallow blue vs. dark blue, pink vs iron ash, with this method, is the color depth; Warm color department in warm color department: yellow vs red, yellow vs green, with this method, is homologous color; Department of warm color cool color department: red vs blue, yellow vs purple, with this method, is relative color; Cool cool colors: grey vs black, purple vs black, with this method, is homologous color; Color depth, it is a shallow depth of load distribution, is one of the most harmonious sensory tone color, is a strong sense. Vs white bright darker colors: black, with this method, color is light and shade depth color matching and color light and shade, build a instead of visual effect. Load with different fabrics and color clothes, also can show different visual effects to find the most suitable color itself, achieve visual unity of harmony. Second, the clothing OEM generation of processing - General collocation: 1, the patterned coat pattern don't match the same shirt and tie. 2, the legs are too short, otherwise it will give a person the sense of center of gravity be unsteady, and undignified. 3, the color of the shoes to be coordinated with the color of the clothes. 4, inside and outside the two-piece dress, color had better be the same as color or contrast is large, match will be more interesting. 5, stripes or patterned coat matchs plain coloured trousers. Three, clothing OEM generation of processing Colour collocation, the colour collocation of the clothes are divided into two kinds, one kind is contrast color is tie-in, another kind is the coordination of color is tie-in. Bring about contrast color collocation is divided into: 1, strong color matching: refers to the color matching of two are far apart, such as: yellow and purple and red and turquoise, the color is strong. The collocation of black and yellow are the most bright eye, the collocation of red and black, very grand, but do not lose lasting appeal! 2, the complementary color coordinates: refers to the color of the two relative to cooperate, such as: red and green, green and orange, black and white, complementary color match can form bright contrast, sometimes received good results. Black and white collocation is eternal classic. Bring about harmonious colour collocation which can be divided into: 1, the principle of similar color collocation refers to the different depth, light and shade of two kinds of the same kind of color matching, such as: blue sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with cream-colored, such as scarlet with pale red, similar color matching clothing appear downy elegant. Pink department collocation, make whole person looks soft. 2, the approximate color matching: refers to the two close to matching color, such as red and orange red or purple are suitable, yellow with grass green or orange yellow to match, and so on.
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