Clothing brand all the electronic commerce as a way out of the cost and risk controllable

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-19
For clothing wholesale industry, product research and development is not a difficult thing, to create a clothing brand is relatively simple, but for now the market situation, product segmentation fragments and various types of products, how to establish the correct clothing products sales channels and how should the sales scale is let merchants have a headache, some businessmen in the momentum to make a lot when I was at the beginning, the results did not too much money into it and get good results, on the one hand may be a product of profits in the current environment is difficult to the high costs of support channel, on the other hand may product sales patterns have also been the impact of various aspects, so to our clothing market has brought huge pressure to the survival and development. This case many clothing enterprise boss, has made its products to the electricity industry, may be in such an environment electrical business is a good development platform, more and more people begin to through the mainstream of e-commerce platform set up his own clothing sales flagship store, everyone said on the Internet cost is relatively low and manageable, I also believe that such a thing. Actually believe that why not everyone said such a thing, but it's also true that the user community is to the network, if you are not rob the market, you may be more people in more had no chance. In order to own the survival of enterprises and clothing brands, you also have to through the network to build the brand and expand sales. Entity and the network is the difference between a coverage problem, entity shop must constantly expand offline market, its main way is to open a line entity shop, medium cities throughout the country, so much the open up but unmanageable oh, manpower and money spent is quite big, offline market coverage is limited. While the network can break through the limit of the space, a network store can sell the products to the rural countryside, as the layout of the express delivery market network, now we are selling many products directly to the countryside, the countryside specialty can also sell through the network to the city. Network spread out we will also be on the advertising spending a lot of reduce the cost of oh, offline if our advertising in each city and at the same time, the unity is a online advertising, that is a lot less on workload many? Network clothing electricity for inventory and new development are also has a lot of help, entity shop so much, for inventory count workload is very large, as a whole may be for a piece of inventory control is not very good, also good if no physical count, the new development may also have to delay, by means of e-commerce on the one hand, reduce the actual product shop goods, reduce unnecessary inventory. On the other hand can adjust products according to the actual sales of the product development and market of the corresponding products, try to be low inventory, do small and controllable risk. Products was achieved by means of e-commerce on the one hand, on the one hand, build a brand, even according to the product sales situation in a timely manner to adjust the investment of brand marketing and planning. To avoid the traditional channel mode high sales conversion rate and low cost of brand marketing communication lag behind the costs and risks of advertising effect. Network is a big family, hope that more enterprises and individuals can find their own coordinates in this big family, find a suitable for themselves and the ideal enterprise development road.
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