Clothing brands to join and bulk clothing wholesale mode PK: there is always a suitable for your model

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-20
For the present clothing market, clothing brands to join are nothing new, there are lots of people in this big family, brand chain management get popular in the world, mainly is the brand management way for lack of experience and want to invest in a startup has strong appeal, because he joined a brand chain, can use a has been test successful business practice experience and practice, for the brand chain corporation help and guidance, which can greatly reduce the risk of premature investment. And bulk clothing wholesale is need to spend more time and energy in the above, whether stock or everything is going to yourself and no backing, is all to the heavens and the earth by themselves to create their own clothes. It now it's time to a PK, take a look at what kind of pattern that suits you! First round: the investment to join the brand we all know that there will be certain to join gold, this is for the one-time pay the cost of investors to join, including headquarters for trademark, special technology and cost, the cost each brand might not be the same. Royalties is a franchise store management guide fee, pay on schedule by franchisees. There are other costs, but may be different brand will have different rules, so we should call before joining what we want to pay for the fees, so good measure their own pockets; While our garment bulk wholesale, we don't have to pay so much, maybe it will become a part of our stock cost. The second round: join brand we compare easy supply channels, the company production of what to wear, what we sell clothes, pattern is unitary; And bulk clothing wholesale? Is a headache, we have to study where, cheap and good pins, and quality and to have closed, may be it is also a big workload, relative to the brand to join, we are very busy, and it is not easy to find a stable supplier also. More important is we can independently choose suppliers, can choose what I like, and can be what I want style, can go to the local or clothing wholesale clothing wholesale market order online, everything is under the control of yourself, just sometimes, 3, 4 points to get up in the middle of the night, go to clothing wholesale market to choose clothes, come back to carry cargo into his own hands, may be relatively hard, still have some to eat. Shoulder bag and get up at three o 'clock in the middle of the night, a head into the wholesale market in pick clothes, this kind of thing some people might occasionally one or two are ok, all the year round, so it can't do. Of course, this society there are still many can bear resistance to make young people. At the same time, the high requirement of bulk business sensitivity to the owner's fashion. The third round: marketing the brand to join a good is a good marketing plan, or the brand itself is famous all over the all, so most people know, we don't have to spend too much time to promotion, brand will give us do propaganda, and some brand agency will be directly involved in the management of its franchisees. Let us easily to copy his successful experience. But the bulk of these to the owner to complete; Bulk wholesale clothing is not so good support, we have to step by step to do promotion, can also use some old customers' word of mouth leads to some new customers, more exercise, accumulate experience. Learn the wrong in the process of operation, slowly adjust, accumulate experience. Joining is growing faster than. Autonomy in operation of the fourth round: brand joined we are often to follow the official meaning, can only make brand manufacturers, and products can not free to choose goods, it is difficult to reflect the personality of the owner, individual manufacturer may even directly intervene in the market. The beginning of some brands, said what all good, really joined, as well as back. Also provide brand clothing is online, and even with money out of the carpet. Unless it is a very famous brand, or word of mouth good two or three line, will in the product quality and thoughtful after-sale service, it's really hard to completely trust other brands. But this is just a market survey of individual brand, do not represent all; Bulk clothing wholesale on the other hand, we have our own voice, which style do you want to be, or to see more hot money recently, we can go to the corresponding market to what you want to shipment, bulk purchase generally depends on the owner's eyes, the risk is relatively large. After a few rounds, I believe everyone to join the brand and bulk clothing wholesale have certain cognitive, can better positioning itself, but neither do bulk or brand clothing to join each have their own advantages and disadvantages, the key is to more actual situation, comprehensive investigation, see which is more suitable for you. According to the demand by region, brand strength, quality, price, style, etc. To select and their own strength to choose. If is the children's clothing franchise brand what you have to measure the strength of the brand quality, do not blindly choose.
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