Clothing contract - About the lace

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-22
Everyone loves bud silk dress, temperament elegant, but you know the knowledge of the lace? Clothing contract below small make up to bring relevant knowledge about lace, and see it together. 1. Transliteration words. English meaning: noun: lace; Straps, shoelaces; Verb: lace-up, cable tie. And, a term is applied especially to lace. 2. Curtilage vocabulary, refers to the anime female clothing in a large number of tape as decorations, thus derived a new group & other; Lace control & throughout; 。 3. Refers to the lesbian. 4. Being nickname mean more people play station underground city and warrior zone comments writer Leonard, the coquettish style of writing, broad knowledge, in a short time, brought together a large number of fans, and create a brand & other; Lace teach & throughout; , ma3 jia3 guru once said: & other; Lace this surnamed du, worship is good. ” 5. A group: specifically comment writers Leonard's fans group ( Leonard fans, lace) Clothing suppliers & ndash; An overview of the lace is a kind of import. Mesh tissue, use crochet knitting is the earliest. Clothing contract small make up know that europeans and americans in women's clothing especially evening dress and wedding dress with a lot. The 18th century, the European court and noble men in the inner sleeve, collar and sox has used a lot. In the early 19th century caesarism style of dress, with the popular romantic fashion, or later kerry knowling and searle period of women's clothing, or in the use of lace no less than the previous century. New artistic style in the early 20th century fashion more extravagant, on the s-shaped model dress adorn some & quot; A waterfall & quot; Flame empty lace. More than two hundred years, Europe plus Bi later demand for lace in North America is so big, many developed countries in the world for their production of handmade lace, including China. Shanghai xujiahui area in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century was a hollow out the lace of the important processing zone, where Catholic family is almost lace processing workshops. In the later stages of the 20th century, haven't met the above & quot; The golden age of lace & quot; 。 Although in female children's wear, evening wear, or dress lace still occupies an important place. In China, starting in the 80 s, long lace and quietly to return to with fashion. However, the younger generation prefers to call them lace cloth with soft nap - or gel - For their part, inaccuracy of Hong Kong and Taiwan transliteration has an irresistible charm. At the end of the 20th century, lace suddenly becoming the star of the stage. As & quot; Transparent dress & quot; ( 透明看) And & quot; See-through & quot; ( 看到通过) Pop, gel itself as fashionable and its translation. Clothing suppliers & ndash; The production of lace lace first appeared in the United States. Clothing suppliers can want to tell you the production of lace is a very complicated process, it is according to certain design made from silk thread or yarn knitting, unlike some of China's traditional lace hook or embroidery. The need when making the silk rao on each small spindle, each spindle is only the size of the thumb. A less complicated design need dozens of little spindle or nearly so, again big some design requires hundreds of small hooks. When making the pattern in the following, according to the design using different weaving, and around to make and become. A less complicated design a skilled worker spend a month or more time to complete. Vary from person to person for knitting gimmick, lace work is usually a person independently, so each kind of lace is unique. Usually, after the completion of the lace knitting dyeing processing, now senior lace to yarn dyed. These handmade lace, can used in some of the senior fashion or royal indoor items above, seldom see ordinary people. Now lace products due to taking fine line, adopt the method of global limited production, each batch of bud silk products to be registered, and sold out, won't produce, so in a foreign country, favored by aristocrats. To use the so-called clothing & other; Lace & throughout; Refers to all kinds of lace, is mostly produced by the machine.
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