Clothing contract science: you don't know the history of the pants

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-20
You wear pants every day, do you know the history of it? Follow clothing contract below small make up together to get to know. You probably it is hard to imagine, in a long time in the past, women can't wear pants. Although in Korea, India and Japan, pants has always been part of the women's traditional clothing, but in the west, only men wear pants. It seems hard to imagine today, but women can wear pants is just less than one hundred years, and the process was not all plain sailing. Clothing suppliers & ndash; Pants no longer illegal around 1910 was a watershed, the women wear pants on horseback or ride a bike is no longer the illegal behavior. Elegant woman to combine with the elegant and practical, wear skirts pants. The first world war to further consolidate the new habit. The first world war caused a large number of casualties and the sex ratio imbalance, the life heavy burden presses to women, men's clothes are on the woman. More and more women work outside the home after the war. These new work must wear trousers can be well done, at the same time, the rich lady had more leisure time, slowly wearing long skirts. In the 1920 s is of great significance to the women's liberation. Pants is mainly limited to women who engaged in manual Labour. Some artists and dare to transgressive yet people are beginning to challenge the traditional women can't wear pants. At that time men lack s, pants and new way of life together. French fashion designer Jeanne & middot; Lanvin try the pants as part of the women's fashion. Jeana designed the women wearing loose pajamas at home. This sensational idea originated in the east dress instead of the men's wear. 20 s and 30 s of the 20th century, leisure sports have become very common, women are also very want to in them. Trousers became the symbol of new women, these women slim, active, and often want to be & other; One of the men & throughout; 。 Before world war ii, the Hollywood actress Greta & middot; Gerber and Catherine & middot; Audrey Hepburn has led to a new kind of costume, trousers is very broad, with wrinkles, the waist is very high, this is modelled on the men's clothing design, but not the front zipper, but in the side. In 1941, American director frank & middot; Coppola film 'meet John & middot; The doe, 'actress Barbara & middot; Stan wick on behalf of the new women wear pants: full of vitality, is not only a good wife, and a good mother. During the second world war, women wear pants is still not common, people only accept them to wear the uniform. Even later, the queen Elizabeth ii in the local auxiliary corps work is also a mechanic work clothes to wear. Clothing suppliers & ndash; Pants gradually into fashion in the 1950 s, jeans became a symbol of casual wear, all levels of society. The young model grace & middot; Kelly folding BianShi jeans wear. This is specially according to the female body and make a new design. At this point, both tomboy and my fair lady, everyone is wearing jeans. No one can stop from the 50 s charm! But in Paris, a conservative dignified sent still stubbornly insist on their own. In the '50 s clothing, there is absolutely no pants! When wearing trousers in the city is still considered as bad clothes. But a new trousers, begin to enter the beach, that is the capri pants. This kind of pants more slim than 30 s beach pants, more intimate, and ballet shoes match in it. The streets soon as you can see someone wear capri pants. Women wear trousers is becoming more common, and the demand is greater than ever before. By 1965, the pants of production more than the dress. In 1966, trousers and even became a designer's design objects. Yves & middot; Saint Laurent designed the tower west women's dress, and another classic clothing - for women - Pantsuits laid a foundation. Trousers became the most important symbol of women's liberation and comfortable. French fashion designer let & middot; Paul & middot; Said jean Paul gaultier, pants as you step forward. Dress has its own vitality, but the vitality of the pants in the wearer's body! After a decade of struggle, in the 70 s, the trousers into various social classes and various occasions. Style of pants also experienced changes: flares, tight low-rise trousers, pants of traditional and so on. It shook the traditional male clothing, entered the bright women's fashion. Even the wrinkles fade jeans clothing, also be decoration, put long, whole very hot, or die, so that to adapt to the changes in fashion.
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