Clothing contract tell you women's summer dress collocation taboo and skills

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-21
Fully show female beauty season is summer, be like flowers blooming all dress fully show a woman's body regent na and fit the close-fitting all kinds of new summer line shows the women beautiful form. Clothing contract advice on a hot summer, the girl should show the clothing color and lively, relaxed, majority is mixed color, rather than a single pure color, is given priority to with downy colour tone. Light blue, pink, pale green, fraction, pleasing to the eye and pure and fresh, with a somewhat charming soft, very feminine. Light blue skirt part that shirt, particularly pure and fresh and lovely, deserve to go up again the gray or black decorations, only the body effect is better. Pink T-shirt with a white skirt, can dress up the girl lively, handsome. If there is a small red flowers or white shirt little red dot, can match with tapered pants red dress or white, deserve to go up again a red belt, white leather sandals, is elegant, graceful and quiet beautiful traveling, women's clothing to wear something bright. In women's summer wear, various fashionable t-shirts have become ideal casual wear in summer. T-shirt modelling is simple, convenient and comfortable, cool, and was deeply loved by women. As for the T-shirt color, pattern, is now more popular pattern printing, color woven printing and embroidery patterns, etc. Clothing suppliers tell us the fabric permeability, hygroscopicity strong as well, when choosing a T-shirt, in addition to consider modelling and pattern, you might as well buy a mast. Wear casual, cool and easy outside. In recent years, the baggy pants skirt also quietly pop up. It's like the pants, two trousers to feet long, yet feel skirt loose and elegant. Divided skirt dress first want to consider the size of its own characteristics. Clothing suppliers suggest taller woman, should not be worn for too long, drag to feet will look down for too long and upper body is too short. Diminutive woman, want to avoid to wear loose, and should choose longer skirts pants in order to increase the height of the body, reduce its width. Body fat woman is unfavorable to wear skirts pants. Second, form a complete set of pajamas to dress up and down to form the unique style. The contrast technique that can take both modelling, colour, wear a lively, the effect of the young; Can through the fabric, design and color coordination, create a harmonious beauty. Summer dress for a more relaxed, comfortable, women in the dress on you'd wear tight dress, completely don't wear the multifarious decorations, not to mention too big handbag, no makeup. Cool suit seasonal dress, not only oneself feel at ease, but also can make others produce aesthetically pleasing, harmonious, and natural feeling.
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