Clothing customization of high-end European and American ladies co-packer

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-29
Brand integrated marketing trend. Brand not only through the terminal to interact with customers, more with animation and cartoon marketing, network marketing, fast fashion marketing, experience marketing, customized marketing and integrated marketing means to brand culture communication, enhance brand image. Children's clothing enterprises must integrate the advantage, the diversified development. Clothing industry present situation analysis of marketing clothing industry scattered, chaotic, inefficient, and a mess with the Chinese economy enters the new normal, slowing economic growth, domestic demand continues to reduce; Traditional clothing manufacturing industry with low barriers to entry, the product added value is not high, price competition is intense, low profit margins. Clothing market analysis, in the field of production, China's garment industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, but international comparative advantage more embodied in the production and processing link, in higher value-added aspects such as research and development, the design there is still a large gap compared with international advanced level. Custom clothing OEM manufacturer in Europe and the women's dresses women's clothing brand market according to the commodity price range, has a popular brand, high-end brands and luxury brands in three broad categories. Volkswagen brand average piece price is in 500 yuan the following, mainly take the consumption ability general of young women; In the high-end brands in 500 - prices 3000 yuan, have certain economic capacity, the positioning of the clothing design and texture have higher requirements of mature female; The luxury brand ladies' price is in 3000 yuan of above, mainly aimed at the high income, to the brand history, cultural connotation, rich design style has high demand of elite. Hong yu garment co. , LTD. , dongguan city, is located in China's apparel production and export big province city & other Dongguan & throughout; , is a collection of professional design, plate making, production, processing, order, sales as one of professional clothing manufacturer. Company uphold the value, the concept of honest and trustworthy, has been committed to Europe and the United States fast fashion women's clothing, dress, conjoined pants, suits, jackets, pants, skirts, etc. The development and production of woven products, providing customers with high quality to be customized, figure design etc. Garment processing and customized service.
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