Clothing enterprise competitiveness is low and inventory pressure rise clothing should be the brand development

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-18
Garment industry much attention in recent years, we all know that labor costs rising, leading to the difficulty of garment industry, more and more people have felt the survival environment difficult, especially after the financial crisis, the rising cost of Labour, want to solve this problem is really bad to get, must be the understanding of the present situation of the apparel industry has a profound. We all know that our country is the world's larger clothing producer, clothing production base in China mainly concentrated in places such as guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, more than 80% of the total production of the country, while the Midwest apparel industry is very backward, so now we know everybody clothing will from clothing province stock for sales. And the vast majority of replenish onr's stock is hoping to find low price new style clothing to wholesale sales, the competitiveness of our clothing enterprises mainly expressed in the prices of clothing, clothing industry mature now is our casual wear, fashion women's clothing, children's wear market is relatively immature. We are all know that in addition to the rising cost of garment enterprises inventory pressure has been rising, some people say that time is now the whole of China all the clothing enterprise production, the Chinese people don't have to worry about in the next few years no clothes to wear, can want to now how much each enterprise clothing inventory pressure. Clothing enterprise's growing requirement is to supply stable, is, of course, hope to work with clothing styles are popular, but sometimes also can have bad pin design or the design of a large surplus of production, some enterprises also feel have increased a lot than the previous year, are the company's sales but no cash account but can't see the money? Many bosses also have such feeling, their hard earn money a year to be put into the warehouse, warehouse backlog of clothing too much, plus clothing season change, after last season's clothing is not sales and production next season's clothing, the backlog of goods not handle it that only the more pressure, especially after the replacement of the old style clothing is more bad. Clothing company needs talent is diverse, want the product sell like hot cakes is needs the joint efforts of multiple departments, to push their products to another level, because garment industry belongs to the private enterprises, more many start from mom-and-pop stores, family businesses colors tend to be more strong. Many companies simply cannot provide the wide stage for talent, thus attract talents to join in, even joined keep talents. Talent is like the soul of an enterprise, in a people-oriented s knowledge economy, the lack of professionals, impact on the development of the apparel industry is absolutely huge. Who wants to improve enterprise competitiveness, let more people are willing to grow up with the enterprise, can make the enterprise more healthy level reached a new level of ascension. There are a lot of industry insiders think the competitiveness of our clothing enterprises is lower, and most likely are both the reasons for the failed to make the enterprise brand, we only have the brand of enterprise ready, to bring our clothing to the world, let the brand value and influence are explosion, so clothing brands is the key to development, let me in front of the brand with the core value of the real, the development of China's clothing brands, from product competition to the stage into the real market competition and brand competition.
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