Clothing enterprises in the European debt crisis to adopt new thinking new marketing strategy to expand sales

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-19
Europe is widely attention in recent years, especially in business is focused on the dynamic of Europe, are hoping they will get out of the European debt crisis, although seemingly their crisis and we have no relationship, but the European debt crisis is indeed affects the global nerve, for clothing wholesale industry in China is also suffered serious impact, the European sovereign debt crisis. Then influenced by the debt crisis, the substantial depreciation of the euro, the European Union as the primary market of our country textile clothing export, the outbreak of sovereign debt crisis, the impact on China's textile industry are manifold. Our clothing wholesale ice situation it is not hard to see from now, clothing is no longer as popular as before. Euro devaluation of the renminbi, to our country textile clothing export products quotation and profit larger negative effect, the European debt crisis will make the eu's trade protectionism is more prevalent, the outbreak of the debt crisis has affected the eu economic recovery, lead to the eu unemployment is high, people's consumption ability, and confidence weakens, will affect the price of China's textile exports to the eu product quantity of growth. The euro zone unemployment rate in March 2010 to 10. 0%, with flat last month, still remain at a record high since 1999. On May 20, the European commission's initial findings also show that in May 2010 the euro area - for consumer confidence index 17. 5, - from April 15. Down 2 0. Five points. Economic crisis this thing is not to forecast, when we are ready for apparel trade, ready to expand overseas markets, a sudden financial crisis let our enterprise is likely to stand, since the European debt crisis, severe, hit the local textile exports textile and garment enterprises in the production of collapse ten percent of serious situation, and as a window of clothing wholesale market, its cold, too. Influenced by the European debt crisis and the yen, the grim situation of Chinese clothing exports. Many coastal areas of clothing foreign trade enterprises to develop the domestic market, and increase the strength of the domestic market development. Abroad, many companies are also turning to the domestic market weakness may be suddenly retracement enterprise too much, so we find clothing wholesale business has also been downhill in recent years, there are also many enterprises fail in the impact, we all know that the national large-scale clothing wholesale market before every day is a sea of people, clothing wholesale market to take the goods have to rely on crowded, take goods also is to grab it. So you want go to clothing wholesale market goods have to go from zero morning began, to get satisfactory good clothing, clothing wholesale market now in addition to various wholesale store operators, it is difficult to see the figure of a purchaser appeared in the hall. Ask several operators know that here the turnover of this year, compared with the usual, fell more than thirty percent. And wholesale stores profits, but also fell to about five percent in the past. Used here as a well-known clothing wholesale market, not only has the country merchants to come to purchase clothing and all kinds of textiles, more foreign trade companies and groups to large orders. In the face of harsh environment we also want to look for more business opportunities, also want to achieve better advantage in the war, more occupy the domestic market, to make his own clothing brand for domestic consumers, the integration of each big clothing factory manufacturers are constantly online platform, efforts to adopt new thinking new marketing strategy, make enterprise smoothly through the financial crisis.
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