Clothing enterprises should strengthen the integration of network resources in response to stress become bigger and stronger

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-19
Clothing wholesale network in the future will be a big market, are now the major platform deployed this work, the clothing wholesale market and offline also vying for a piece of cake, now everybody doing resources integration, resources all want to put his hand to a better, electricity + traditional channels are doing such a business model, it will be through an online platform and two offline service center, get through from clothing production to clothing wholesale to online sales of whole industry chain, such integration should be very strict, and the future you will fall in love with this one-stop trading platform. With ever increasing network clothing wholesale trading volume, trading volumes that may be in the next few years the ascent to 100 billion, estimates the possibility of the future will be more than offline wholesale market. But that is some people to admit that some people still think offline will certainly have more advantages than line. Electricity + business model of traditional channels, is the supplier ( Manufacturers, wholesalers, brands) , buyers ( Online shop and entity shop) And integrated into the online consumer's demand, realize the goods in suppliers and purchasers, real-time seamless docking between buyers and consumers, further reduce the intermediate links, quickly complete the transaction and delivery. For the traditional Chinese garment industry, it is not enough to rely on electricity a channel, cannot ignore in the clothing powers ecosystem millions of thousands of traditional off-line clothing manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, and even individual clothing shop owner faces all sorts of demand. Such as producers both in the major wholesale markets, stores and other traditional channels to sell, want to in the electrical business channel sales; Brands would like to spend less shop goods can be quickly to the offline and online channels; Around the wholesalers don't have the energy to open online stores but also think life big batch shipment here, at the same time also want to easily into the field of wholesale market; A lot of can be in a clothes shop owner could think out of way according to the ex-factory price or wholesale price to the manufacturers and the national wholesale market purchase. Can be seen from a phenomenon now everybody looking for cargo channels is also more and more network, because our company to see the goods before one can say very much, every day with you network have bigger find goods dependencies, since our company to see goods, are not as much as he used to be, instead of Internet counseling is bigger and bigger, and now online trading is also very convenient. Now many clothing enterprises are also under pressure to channels and electrical business challenge, play to their own professional advantage through transformation become bigger and stronger, to find a new road of development.
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