Clothing factories for you on how to prevent clothes fade

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-25
We when choosing clothes, some dark clothes we all worry about whether it will fade, but there are many ways to prevent clothes faded, clothing factories to explain for you below: 1, dyed with direct dye or standard cloth, lattice cloth color adhesion is generally poor, when catharsis to add a little salt in the water, and the first 10 - in the solution for the clothing first - - - - - - 15 minutes after the wash, can prevent or reduce the fade. 2, with sulphur fuel dyed blue cloth, and generally the color adhesion is strong, but with poor wear resistance. Therefore, we suggest that the first in the detergent for 15 minutes, with the hand rub gently, then rinse. Don't use washboard rub, lest cloth silk white. 3, with oxide fuel dyed green cloth, dyeing compared commonly, luster, but meet the gas reduction gas such as easy to be suffused with green. So, don't put the clothes washed blue cloth in baking furnace. 4, with the shilin fuel dyed all sorts of cloth, dyeing fastness is good, but the color generally adhere to the surface of cotton yarn. So, wearing this kind of cloth to prevent friction, avoid cotton white, cause serious fade, efflorescence phenomenon.
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