Clothing factories introduce clothing production units and link

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-24
Clothing factories introduce clothing production units and link clothing factories is introduced: some new textile clothing market will face capital, investment and operating pressure, some traditional, brand textile and garment market will usher in a new transformation, promotion and innovation opportunities. In the face of China's large textile and garment consumption the northeast and Midwest market, we put forward to two-way transfer strategy, industry and market to speed up the textile and garment industry structure adjustment and the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand. Different clothing enterprises have different form of organization structure, production and management by objectives, but its production process and the process is the basic consistent. Garment production generally consists of the following eight main production unit and link. 1. Costume design in general, most large and medium-sized garment factory has its own series of designer dress design. Clothing enterprises clothing design is roughly divided into two categories: one is garment design, according to the shape of most people, develop a regular size, for mass production. The design, not only to choose the fabric, accessories, to know more about clothing factory technical equipment and workers; The second category is fashion design, according to market trends and fashion design clothing. 2. Pattern design in clothing design samples for customer confirmation, the next step is drawing pattern of different sizes according to customer's requirements. Will be enlarged or reduced standard pattern drawing, say? ”; The pattern grading & quot; , also called & quot; Push the gear & quot; 。 Large garment factories use the computer to complete the pattern grading work, on the basis of different size pattern, also make production pattern, and draw the layout diagram. 3. Production preparation a lot of preparation work before production, such as the required to produce the fabric, accessories, sewing thread and other materials to make the necessary inspection and testing, preshrinking and finishing materials, samples, sample sewing processing, etc. 4. Cutting process in general, the cut is the first step of clothing production, its content is in the fabric, and other materials in accordance with the requirements of discharge, laying-down shear garment piece, include discharge, spread and calculate material, fabric defects of borrow material cutting, suit cut, cut, check sheets, serial number, binding, etc. 5. Sewing sewing process is technical stronger in the whole process of garment processing, is also an important producing process. It is in accordance with the requirements of different styles, through reasonable suture, put all the pieces into a technology of clothing processing. So, how to reasonably organize sewing process, choose the stitch, stitch type, such as machinery, equipment and tools are very important. 6. After ironing process garment made through iron processing, to achieve the ideal shape, make it beautiful. The general can be divided into the production of iron iron ( In the very hot) And the clothing ironing ( Big iron) Two categories. 7. Clothing quality control garment quality control is to make the product quality be guaranteed in the whole process of a very necessary measures, is the product produced in the process of machining and may produce quality problems, and to develop the necessary quality inspection standards and regulations. 8. Post-processing post-processing including packing, storage and transportation, etc, it is the last procedure in the whole production process. Operators according to the requirements of packaging process will be made and each piece of finishing good garment finishing, folded, put in plastic bags, then according to the distribution of the number of packing on the packing list. Garment sometimes hoisting shipment, will dress lifting on the shelf, to the place of delivery. In order to make the factory delivery on time, catch the sales season, based on the analysis of the model of clothing product structure, process characteristics, the pattern, the pattern design, process specification, tailoring, sewing processing, finishing, packaging and other production to develop a standard technical documents, to produce quality, quality, low cost and meet the demand of customers and clients.
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