Clothing factories introduction to the color of the dress how should choose

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-23
Different clothing color is tie-in effect will be different, some can let a person shine at the moment, some can let a person feel is a joke, so how should choose the color of the dress? The clothing factories for you to explain: 1, color white Wear with yellow color I proposed gene color, color of skin is used to distinguish between suitable color. White skin, with yellow to smell. 2, complexion is ruddy and healthy - Wear blue color a rosy, healthy color of skin, suitable for use with the color of blue, such as chilli red, green lake, ocean, green, blue, lemon yellow, etc. Three basic color, clothing recommended no. 1 - Khaki or camel khaki is very suitable for color tone as the yellow of the east, especially this color is very easy to merge with other colors. 4, clothing recommend no base color. 2 - Gray gray is the color of a is not easy to get wrong, is also very suitable for when the mass-tone attune of the dress, neutral grey, extensibility of the collocation also is very big. 5, clothing recommend no base color. 3 - Dark blue blue is the color of a lot of men like to choose, but it is suitable for the people use the color of skin slants red. 6, clothing recommend no base color. 4 - Deep dark brown coffee is an honest and steady color, like khaki, are very suitable for skin tone is yellow. 7, gray color match color suggest chili red, pure pink, royal blue, blue, dark purple. 8, khaki color upper body - color proposal Light yellow, white, coffee, orange, apricot yellow, apple green, pink champagne. Considerations slender shape, size, figure - 9 Wear high chroma, bright colors. Not being tall people Wear line is simple, plain, emphasizing the girth of the clothes. 10, dating to wear color half dressed in khaki, upper body on behalf of emotion orientation, wear pink orange, or apricot, helps to emotional expression. Or half dressed in gray, upper body wear pink, or green apple green peach. Color such as orange, light yellow, Turkey is blue, olive to wear at work wear a deep coffee color red, dark brown safe stable, lower body on behalf of line power, red represents attempt to heart, suitable for business people. Or brown pants, olive green coat, can convey the stable and loyalty. In addition, the light grey with red wine, chocolate, or blue, dark blue line unlined upper garment also is pretty good. 12, usable parts recommended medium-sized scarf, can match the color of the clothing in, such as red, purple, gray, camel's hair, blue, green, etc. , as well as a variety of style of hat. 13, when leisure wear color, dressed in a pale gray upper body up pink, mint green, ocean blue, milky white or pure white. Or draw string of khaki pants, cotton wide discount trousers, a weak yellow, shallow green, green apple green, or white, is better to choose the color of the can relax. 14, brown or brown belt width of each one, especially not to confuse belt to jeans and trousers. 15, texture, good white shirt white can foil pattern class accessories texture and color.
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