Clothing factories introduction to uniform custom-made fabrics

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-24
The uniform custom make a kind of fabric is all wool, wool is divided into a lot of kinds, all clothing factories to introduce below: 1, gabardine, yarn count is fine. Face on the whole is bright and clean. Feel is smooth. Rich and elastic. Straight grain. Appropriate sewing suit, Chinese tunic suit. Women dress. Defect is often after friction parts of the knee, hip easily up the light. 2, serge: a broad lines. Flat surface than gabardine. Feel soft. Good elasticity. Not as good as gabardine thick and fast. Use with gabardine. 3, suiting: by weight can be divided into thin coating. Under 300 grams of rice and the thick coating. 300 - 400 grams of rice. Face is bright and clean level off, symmetry of colour and lustre, good elasticity, pattern clear, full of change. Men and women should do all kinds of coat, suit, jacket. 4, what flavor: natural soft luster. With smooth surface. Surface have short worsted wool, wool feels soft. Appropriate for the spring and autumn period and the reversible jacket and a suit. 5, valitin: fine wool yarn. Raw material is good. But the density of thin. Face bright and light. Feel is very slippery. Good elasticity. Bright color fastness to washing. Appropriate for the summer clothing and winter winter jacket. 6, set up department: gloss and soft. Good elasticity. Feel is smooth. Thin and cooling. Fastness than valitin. Suitable for all kinds of men and women clothing in summer. 7, lady's dress, yarn count is fine. The structure is loose. Soft. But full of flexibility. Design and color. The color is gorgeous. Commonly used for the spring and autumn period and the reversible jacket and winter jacket face. 8, Venetian. Big density. Thick, soft feel. The surface is smooth. Shine bright. Full of elasticity. Appropriate for coats, Chinese tunic suit.
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