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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-25
Clothing believe everyone know what is, so to clean coveralls don't know how much you understand? Clothing factories to explain for everybody below: 1. Washing powder detergent with strong detergency, such as tide, and made white, and so on. 2. Cleaning equipment appropriate USES dry function of washing machine. 3. Cleaning method and program every time put dirty clothes in the designated place in accordance with the regulations. Work clothes according to its clean respectively in different levels or workshop area clean. Overalls should be classified to carry on cleaning, every time XiYiLiang with no more than two-thirds of washing capacity advisable. Individual is dirty work clothes, laundryman should hand rub net rear can use washing machine to clean. The dirty work clothes into the washing machine, adding suitable amount of detergent, washing machine cover cover. Put through power supply, open the faucet switch, boot, set laundry program, started to the laundry. After a dehydration again after water injection, washing machine cover, add 1 bottle ( 500ml) Sur ( Cresol soap) After the solution, and continue to rinse twice, dehydration, dry. Unplug the power plug after use, shut off the water taps, and drains in the hook on the side of the washing machine. After washed clothes dry, must be sent to the laundry to dry. Folded neatly, if there is any breakage should be repaired, Repair should be using the same fabric) 。 PuQu level and hundreds of area overalls by department number and packing in different clean plastic bags, back to the corresponding departments in time deposit area. Wan district level work clothes can be used only according to the provisions of the sterilization. Work shoes clean and dry in the hall downstairs. Work shoes according to their level of clean with washing powder soak for 30 minutes, scrub with the brush by the laundryman inside, rinse clean with water.
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