Clothing factory how to iron a garment quality high-pitched

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-21
To iron my clothing factory, is an important step, a bit not professional, serious can directly destroy a dress, so what are the basic requirements for ironing operation, hong yu clothing tell you: 1, knowledge is accurate, standard material accurate knowledge is clearly the nature of ironing fabrics, fabric belongs to what kind of fiber, fabric structure, accomplish know fairly well. On this basis, the reasonable choice of ironing temperature and time. Standard is clear for ironing clothes, need iron into what shape modelling, from what place manually, with clear concept. Run 2, proper positioning, reasonable positioning requirement is appropriate to use push, return, ironing process model of garment parts accurately. Push, and pull out of the trinity, organically combined. Reasonable operation refers to the iron on the fabric running lines is reasonable, not repeat, not missing, improve the work efficiency and reduce labor intensity, make the shape of each part creates conform to the requirements of the human body. 3, clothing list, without defects in the fabric and lining to soothe wrinkle, plastic flat, crisp, symmetrical beauty, no & other; The aurora & throughout; And stain, the fabric without damage.
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