Clothing factory stores the innovation model will have a better shopping experience

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-17
Clothing industry is reversed transmission by bad business industry reform, don't you reform can only wait for the enterprise into a dilemma, so in recent years, many enterprises are making a series of adjustment, want to become you like acceptable mode, and factory outlets like is also a kind of good method to cope with the situation, some enterprises through the factory outlets successfully digest the inventory, some enterprises through the outlet store to find a good way to cope with falling sales. Factory outlets is not to say that the enterprises themselves to open some retail stores, but the enterprise in order to solve the problem of inventory, some clothing enterprise to the original office products into stores in the factory, this is the embryonic form of factory outlets. At the end of last year started the pattern of factory outlets in some places such as hangzhou xiaoshan down jacket factory. Because the weather was hot, the clothes is not good to sell, in order to speed up the sales proceeds, some local companies opened a factory outlets. In sales of clothing factory outlets quite affordable price, the price is generally hung rate 3 fold, break code products will sell to 2 fold. But if it is in a regular store, new product is generally going to sell to the discount, is at 7 fold. Some companies may not be entirely bullish on this model, but others are doing so he also follow suit, but the later sales good, clear enterprise inventory can also be very good, and factory outlets to one year out of more than 100 ten thousand yuan, which makes enterprise, also increased the enterprise of factory outlets. Factory outlets is given priority to with qing inventory and product display in the past. But in the new business situation, factory outlets for a new life to the sale of springtime delights richer, retail service experience, discounts and original product ready fashion sense and pay equal attention to cost performance. Now many enterprises by setting up factory outlets, explore a response to falling sales of new marketing mode. The role of factory outlets is not only to the inventory, it bring in sales of clothing companies to life. Factory is the place where the customer order before, and trying hard to it actually also can achieve the function of the retail, and also can make a good result, this will be a mall's biggest rival, directly to the factory to buy experience should be better, after the fitting if they can also be modified on the spot where some don't fit well.
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