Clothing factory transfer of Bangladesh as the world's second-largest export clothing country!

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-16
According to official statistics, Bangladesh has more than 2000 textile mills in Bangladesh, more than 6000 garment factories, is second only to China the world's second largest exporter of textile clothing. The migration of export garment processing market. Bangladesh nearly half of the textile clothing footwear exports to Europe, the clothing and shoes main export market is the European Union and the United States, 2016 - Garment exports 281 for 2017. Export $500 million, $400 million, shoes shoes export momentum of steady growth. Cheap labor to attract a large number of garment factories moved to Bangladesh red irregular strapless tops with Bangladesh's clothing of cultivate one's morality is one of the group of global minimum wage workers. The government issued a communique, ready-to-wear clothing factory workers' minimum monthly salary of 8000 taka ( About 640 yuan & hellip; … ) 。 The union has been trying to get the minimum wage 16000 taka, while clothing 6360 taka proposed by the owner. Women's clothing manufacturer v-neck double-layer chiffon blouse falbala wave point Bangladesh woven garment about 44% of exports to the eu, about 49% of exports the United States, the main export destination for the European Union, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and so on, this is based on the countries and regions to give preferential treatment in Bangladesh. According to eu & other; GSP & throughout; And & other EBA” System ( In addition to the weapons of all the goods) , Bangladesh enjoy free in the eu market quota, tariff free preferential treatment, this is the main advantage of textile industry in Bangladesh is better than that of other competitors. Sewing equipment, the wide prospect of market of Bangladesh's garment textiles face huge demand led to the development of industry chain upstream and downstream, sewing equipment, textiles face is very wide market prospect. Sewing equipment has had a huge gap in Bangladesh, the domestic supply, both upstream and downstream industry chain is also less developed, these factors to some extent, restricted the development of the apparel industry, at the same time, it is big business. Foreign trade clothing factory v-neck condole accept waist falbala A pendulum coat in Bangladesh & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Initiative has a very important position in Bangladesh is a hub of connectivity between China and South Asia, and Bangladesh and China are very friendly, so meng of the two countries enterprises in & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Has been carried out in the construction of more in-depth cooperation. Bangladesh is a Chinese enterprise & other; Go out & throughout; One of the important market. From the recent international sewing equipment exhibition held in Bangladesh BISMA and Bangladesh international textile and garment industry technology exhibition of DTG, the majority of exhibitors is given priority to with Chinese companies. Everyone is very bullish on Bangladesh market expectations. Special economic zone policy to attract a large number of enterprises in Bangladesh the government since 2010, the implementation of economic zone development strategy, through the way of setting up economic zone, promote regional economic development potential, increase employment, production and export.
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