Clothing foreign trade company to customize a dress costs how much?

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-19
So, how much is the cost of a dress? The simplest method is: the cost of a garment is material cost, processing cost and packaging cost. But, given the light is not enough, you also need to consider to place orders at least time costs, modify, cost, delivery cost, rent, the fixed assets investment, marketing expenses, taxes, etc. Short time cost to receive a custom client is half an hour, long hours, on average about one and a half hours. And order time, documentary, the second time the fitting ( Take the clothes) Communication time, possible date a custom time will spend an average of about 3 ~ 4 hours. This is a small half a day, it is a very big cost. Modification cost if I need to change clothes, you want to change, and so on, light a few decades, many hundreds of thousands. The incidence of the cost is very high, can not be ignored. More than the cost of basic are associated with a single order, which generate orders, will have cost. And in addition, there will be some fixed costs, such as miscellaneous fees such as rent, water and electricity network, the fixed asset investment ( Such as decoration, samples, etc. ) And marketing expenses, etc. So, in addition to the fabric fee and toll fee, other cost is very high. Made before writing it analyzes the pricing of enterprise law, mentioned ratio, would advise pricing on the 2 custom shop. 5 ~ 4 times. In fact, the price in 2. 5 times of enterprise, the operator is very tall to the requirement of the team, because only increase the operating efficiency to a state, to ensure that add only $2. Five times, can cover (in addition to the factory cost Fabrics and processing fee) Outside of the various & other; How to deal & throughout; The cost of.
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