Clothing foundries to teach you the classification of shoulder pads

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-20
Classification method has a variety of shoulder pads. Which of the following clothing contract small make up of several kinds of the more common points method. A clothing suppliers & ndash; According to the main points. According to this method of shoulder pads can be divided into modification type and function of two kinds: 1. Function: 1 person is intelligent and functional higher animals, every part of the human body has an irreplaceable role. Carry heavy weights for the convenience of their own, the shape of shoulder evolution now ( Shoulder joint thrust forward) , bring to dress a little trouble. In order to reduce conflict feeling, experts often use a thin ( 3 ~ 5毫米) And feel good circular shoulder pads to make up for this trouble, so this type of shoulder pads is called a defect type for shoulder pads. Functional shoulder pads is mainly used in the leisure clothing. 1. Type 2 modification type: as the name implies, modified shoulder pads are used to shoulder was modified to the human body or reveal a kind of fashion style clothing tools, its style is various, different shapes, mainly is suitable for the dress, fashion, etc. Modified type of shoulder pads, of course, at the same time be both offset the effect of the defect. B according to the forming method. Shoulder pads can be divided into the following three: according to the main forming method 2. 1 type thermoplastic: use of molding and melt glue technology can make the design feel is modest and elegant, smooth surface, shoulder pads, widely applicable to all kinds of clothing. For thin fabrics fashion, advanced type thermoplastic shoulder pads is an indispensable tool. 2. Suture type 2: using the sewing machine and gao tou2 car equipment can synthesize different raw materials spell different styles of shoulder pads, the product shape and surface finish is poorer, more used in thick type clothing. 2. 3 cutting type: the specific raw material with cutting equipment ( Sponge) For cutting, can be made into shoulder pads. But because the sponge the inherent defect (shoulder pads Easy deformation and easy to change color, etc. ) , this type of shoulder pads have basic elimination. C clothing suppliers & ndash; According to the use of material points. By using the main raw material of shoulder pads can be divided into the following four: 3. 1 sponge shoulder pads: early product, easy oxidation of main shortcoming is easy to deformation, discoloration, advantage is low price. Mainly suitable for cheap dresses. 3. 2, spray adhesive cotton shoulder pads: early product, main drawback is the difference in elasticity, easy to deformation, poor appearance, advantage is low price. Mainly suitable for cheap dresses. 3. 3 non-woven shoulder pads: fibre products, products not only rich style, beautiful appearance, good elasticity, and model is stable, durable, and the price is moderate. Suitable for all kinds of clothing. 3. 4 cotton shoulder pads: cannot separate molding, must cooperate with non-woven fabric stitch shaping. Its products good elasticity, durable, the disadvantage is that surface is not smooth, forming effect is poorer, easy to blister, and the price is higher. D garment suppliers & ndash; According to surface treatment methods of points. According to the different methods of surface treatment of shoulder pads can be divided into kao grams ( In the shoulder pad surface with a layer of cloth) And not kao grams of two classes: kao, shoulder pads not used in the lining of a clothing ( Such as summer, cashmere sweater, etc. ) 。 In addition, of course, there are classified by clothing ( Popular classification) Such as suits, coats, shirts, shoulder pad and so on.
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