Clothing industry chain when refactoring

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-22
With imitation consumption basic end, diversified, personalized consumption demand gradually become the mainstream the development of garment industry. Consumers on the current apparel industry chain, the relationship between producer and market is changing, consumers dominant characteristics has become increasingly clear. Dongguan hong yu garment factories in the tide of development innovation, the reconstruction of the industrial chain, to meet the personalized needs of consumers. As imitation PaiLangShi consumption stage, the basic end of personalized diversified consumption gradually into the mainstream, especially the younger generation is more preferences reflect individual character characteristic of fashion brands of goods and services. Personalized diversification era of consumption, brought huge opportunities for Chinese designer brands. In the process of transformation and upgrading of the apparel industry, dongguan hong yu clothing factory will be more effectively use the power of design, to enhance the added value of industrial chain each link. In recent years, the international and domestic clothing market overall slow slow, but contrarian upside, fast fashion brand in the international famous fast fashion brand, led domestic fast fashion brand also began to break. At present, flexible manufacturing mode in the clothing industry, has been widely recognized by more intelligent garment flexible production system, can not only reduce the production cost, also can satisfy personalized consumer demand.
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